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Lisa Barnes - January Member Of The Month

January 7, 2016

What a pleasant surprise! I am truly honored and grateful to be the PhillyCAM January 2016 member of the month. Thank you so much PhillyCAM for selecting me.

I am a graduate of Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater. I am blessed to have a great career working as a developmental editor in medical publishing during the day. To date, I have worked on over 40 published titles. In addition to my work in print and electronic content, I am also lead video editor for one of the company’s internal communications department teams.

Outside of my day job, I am also a filmmaker, producer and video editor and have several years of experience working in the theater and television, which is what attracted me to PhillyCAM. Over the years, I have worked on a TV show which aired on channel 57, I have worked in the theater with companies such as the Philadelphia Area Repertory Theater, The Mask and Wig Theater, The Painted Bride and Concertopera Philadelphia. I have also worked on TV commercials doing voice over and editing work.

I found out about PhillyCAM through a brochure that was posted on a bulletin board at the regional rail station near my home. I read it and thought to myself, this sounds right up my alley. I came in for orientation, but I still had not decided whether or not to become a member. I waited a few months before I actually registered and then finally made it official, and I’m so glad I did.

The experience here at PhillyCAM has been wonderful. Through PhillyCAM, I have been able to reconnect with the world of radio and become a radio producer and news journalist for PhillyCAM radio. I hadn’t worked in radio since college, where I interned as a radio DJ at WRTI. During my time here at PhillyCAM, I have worked on several radio podcast stories covering segments on Philadanco, Menzfit, and just recently, the mayoral inauguration. I’m really excited about the radio station and can’t wait to until the station is officially on the FM airwaves at106.5 FM in July.

Currently, I serve as a member of the radio tech, fundraising, and outreach committees and I am committed to helping PhillyCAM get the funding, equipment and resources it needs to get the station up and running by the July 2016 deadline.

In addition to serving on the radio committees, I am also working on a documentary for PhillyCAM to document the building of the radio station. The documentary will air around the time of the station launch, so please look out for it.