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Shawn O'Mahoney - December Member of the Month

Shawn Omahoney

Congratulations to Sean for being selected as December’s member of the month! We thank Sean for all of his dedication as a PhillyCAM volunteer and workshop participant. He has gone above and beyond to assist staff, welcome visitors into the new PhillyCAM facility on a weekly basis and help out with creative projects such as the recent Change By Us Philly promotional video produced by PhillyCAM.

Here’s a bit more about Sean in his own words...
Sean was born on the best day ever (June 3) this fact is not in dispute, however, the rest of his story is much less clear. According to some sources , he was a very intelligent child who stopped watching television when he was nine months old because it was boring and stupid. By the time puberty rolled around his massive intellect had caused him by outward appearances to seem quite strange to his peers. He only looked at art no one else had seen, read books no one else had read and listened to music no one else had heard. While not fitting in socially he was highly sought by the most powerful elements of society for the karmic benefits that came with associating with such a spiritually advanced human being. Others, however, (most in fact) assert that aside for his wild propensity for confabulation he was, and remains, quite stupid.