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Sherry Patterson August Member of the Month

August 4, 2016

Knowing the time and dedication my predecessors contributed to receiving the Member of the month acknowledgement, I feel blessed and honored to be recognized as “Member of the Month”. Thank you PhillyCAM!!!!!

I salute the staff and educators at PhillyCAM for their patience and dedication to making the students, including myself rise to such high esteem. PhillyCAM has a staff that is always ready to assist in making sure you have the knowledge and experience to perform at the highest level.

I am a Computer Science professor, I could have taken classes for free at the University I teach, but I chose PhillyCAM because not only am I learning the multi-media profession at my own pace, I am gaining a wealth of hands-on experience with live productions, learning how to set up and design a studio production, allowed if I choose to sit in on “Board Meetings”, get to network and meet celebrities and high official that walk through the doors and attend various workshops

I am interested in many mediums e.g. Television, Film, Radio, Writing, that have the capacity to reach the mass society, to entertain those who may or can’t afford a movie or a play. PhillyCAM provides that opportunity via encouraging and exposing members to crew and produce as many projects and productions as possible to help shape our skills to be perfected.

Since completing some of the basic courses, I have crewed on many numerous television and film productions. These credits include the: Trudy Haynes show, Talking the Walk, TeeMac show, We talk Weekly, RAPACON, Live Culture, Moonstone, This Week in Blackness, Chef Delmer Gill Trek Adventures, all of the DNC productions, and Directing a short film, and Hosting on WPPM Radio, in additional to many more projects and productions.

Thank you PhillyCAM for recognizing my efforts and allowing me to learn and do what I love with an amazing group of people. Thank you Janet Pina for introducing me to PhillyCAM.