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Sound Design for Storytelling 03-12-19 to 03-26-19


*Attend 1 or all 3!

Sound designers are to audio narrative what cinematographers are for film. In this workshop, we will survey different forms of audio narrative (including documentary, fiction, traditional and experimental audio drama, and sound art) and break down how sound design contributes to world-building and story mechanics.

We will discuss how sound design, music, and pacing informs the listeners' experience and how technical aspects of a mix that centers on speaking, can expand or completely flatten your story.

In this workshop, we will go over different dimensions of sound such as space, time, stereo fields and others. What do these terms mean? How can you become a better listener and producer of your own work? For people with musical backgrounds, this workshop will help you translate your skills into the realm of storytelling and for those coming from a writing background, you will learn how to think of your writing in more musical terms.

Week 1: How to Listen: The mechanics of Aesthetics in audio and radio art.

Week 2: How to Score: how to find, use and mix music into your audio stories

Week 3: Sound Design tools and tricks

Instructor: Shani Aviram