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Tax Report Interview Series: SNIPE- ICP

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - 10:00pm
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Philadelphia the city where it all begins. The walls and tunnels tell a story, from high school bomber just coming up to the old head coming back out. For every tag, for every throw-up, for every rooftop burner, there is another part of the story that only rarely gets told.

Graffiti is an art of resistance. Irrespective of the message, or perceived lack of message, or even the absence of any political consciousness of its participants, writing graffiti is a political act that challenges the dominant assumptions about property and community. Philadelphia is now recognized as the birthplace of the modern global art form of stylized letter writing that is now known as 'graffiti'. Although this fact is now widely acknowledged outside of the city, a legacy of hostility toward graffiti and graffiti writers here has stifled any official celebration of Philadelphia as the incubator for one of the most exciting new art forms of the last century.

Each episode of the Tax Report Interview Series spotlights a single Philadelphia writer providing a record of graffiti in the city in their own voice. A soundtrack of the writer's own selection provides the context for the chronicle that unfolds. Often touching on the history but with due diligence paid to the current state. Prepare for the uncensored language that can come only from the insiders who know the scene, with maybe a measure of hope for the future.

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