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Express Studio

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The Express Studio is a small 12' x 13' studio with the 2 Sony BRC-Z330 HD Robotic Camera. This all-in-one studio is perfect for small crews and productions. The robotic cameras allow members to control most of the production from the Express Studio Console. The smaller space allows for about 4 on screen guests or hosts at a time.    


Must be certified in Express Studio to use any of the Express Studio Equipment. Non-Certified Express Studio Members may reserve the space, but only a Certified Express Studio Member can operate the Express Studio Equipment. 

Room Specs

12' x 13' (156 sqft)



      • 2 Sony BRC-Z330 High Definition Robotic Camera
      • Yamaha Audio Mixing Board
      • AJA Ki Pro recorder
      • Broadcast Pixs Switcher



Broadcast Pixs
Inscriber for creating Titles and Lower 3rds.


Additional Gear or Rooms usually reserved along with the Express Studio

ES Wireless Lavaliers

ES Lavaliers

XLR Cables

Green Room