Radio Operations Manager



PhillyCAM is a dynamic community media center that provides transformative opportunities for people and communities to express themselves, to learn from each
other, and to produce and share media reflective of the experiences of everyday people.

PhillyCAM is home to the low power FM station WPPM 106.5, a member supported, participatory community station rehumanizing radio with local voices and original programming. WPPM supports content that celebrates, respects, and reflects the rich cultural makeup of the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and provides a platform for diverse community perspectives. WPPM provides training and access for underserved communities to broadcast music and information not heard in mainstream media. WPPM values content that is educational, respectful, inclusive, non-degrading,  and innovative.



Terms of Employment

Location: Philadelphia.
Full-time Exempt. Hours: 40 hour per week on average. May work more hours around events and deadlines, including some evenings and weekends. Reports to Radio Program Manager.



Radio Operations Manager’s chief responsibility is to keep the station on air by supervising the operations, studio/transmitter maintenance and engineering of WPPM 106.5 FM. The Radio Operations Manager works collaboratively with the Radio Program Manager to ensure FCC compliance and support underwriting and fundraising. Ensures proper formats are followed for radio programming, announcements and content is aired as scheduled, and broadcast staff and volunteers are well trained.

Specific Responsibilities

Technical Operations/FCC Compliance

  • Act as Chief Operator of the broadcast facilities and maintain records of station programming, operations and station licenses, and related records.
  • Oversee technical repair and maintenance of broadcast facilities and assist contract engineers with broadcast audio chain repairs as may be required for the continued operations of studio, webstreams, transmitters or antennas.
  • Acts as radio representative at weekly PhillyCAM tech meetings.
  • Works with PhillyCAM Operations Manager on facility issues such as security and studio access.
  • Maintain functionality of radio automation software and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Provide administrative support functions, such as computer operations and maintenance logs.
  • Survey equipment needs, research projects, and write bid specifications for anticipated purchases.
  • Remain informed of technological developments in broadcast and operations.
  • Oversees and implements disaster response/safety information during emergencies and breaking news with Radio Program Manager.
  • Works with Online Content Manager to ensure ease of user experience on WPPM’s web pages.


  • Supervise broadcast operations and assist with volunteer DJ support when necessary.
  • Provide technical training in radio operations. This includes staff, students, and volunteers in skills such as control room operation, broadcast techniques, equipment use and audio editing.
  • Contribute to curriculum development of radio production trainings and workshops.
  • Produce live and pre-recorded radio content.
  • Support live remotes and special events.
  • Ensure all PhillyCAM policies and procedures relating to equipment use and the studio are followed by radio programmers.

Underwriting and Fundraising

  • Manage underwriting contracts and fulfillment. Maintain contact list of underwriters and financial reports.
  • Produce underwriting spots, scripted for FCC compliance and appropriate voice.
  • Assist with planning and operations of fundraising drives.
  • Support the production of PSAs and additional announcements with WPPM Program Manager and interns.
  • Collect listenership data to evaluate reach and engagement.
  • Create reports for underwriting and fundraising appeals.
  • Communicate reports and data to PhillyCAM staff, Board and programmers.

Minimum Skills and Qualifications

  • Background in radio, television, communications, or related field.
  • 3-5 years of experience in radio production and programming.
  • Experience with compliance with FCC rules and reporting requirements.
  • Experience in working in non-commercial, community or college radio.
  • Strong technical ability and knowledge of FM broadcast engineering and ability to troubleshoot technical issues independently.
  • Thorough understanding of live and live-to-record radio production, audio production and radio programming software.

Desired Skills

  • Passionate learner who is motivated to take on new challenges
  • Excellent, clear communication and relationship-building skills
  • Highly organized with strong administrative skills
  • Experience working with volunteers
  • Strong interest in community media and education
  • Experience in local news and reporting
  • Experience with fundraising for non-profit organizations
  • Spanish speaker


 Terms of Employment

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Full-time Exempt: 40 hour per week on average; may work more hours around events and deadlines, including some evenings and weekends. Work to be in person with possible work from home TBD.

Reports to: Radio Program Manager

Salary Range: high $40,000s to low $50,000s

Benefits include: health and dental insurance, paid time off, 401k options, flexible health spending account.

Anticipated Employment Start Date: September 2022

Please Send VIA EMAIL to with the SUBJECT LINE: Radio Operations Manager

  • Letter of Introduction (that specifies how your experience, knowledge and skills match the identified duties, responsibilities, and requirements of this position)
  • Your Resume
  • Contact info for 3 Professional References

Please no phone calls

Deadline to Apply: Monday, August 16


Due to volume, we may not be able to respond individually to each applicant. We will contact candidates for interviews. PhillyCAM is an equal opportunity employer and considers all applications without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status.


About PhillyCAM:

PhillyCAM is a dynamic community media center that brings together the people of Philadelphia to make and share media that promotes creative expression, democratic values, and civic participation. PhillyCAM provides access to media-making tools, training, and distribution of non-commercial media. Public access increases and diversifies the voices in the media; it provides all community members and particularly those in underserved or disenfranchised communities with the tools to tell their stories.

More About PhillyCAM:
We envision an equitable society in which media reflects an represents our communities, builds community power, and enables all people to have access to media
tools to critically analyze media and to participate in media creation. PhillyCAM provides access to media-making tools, training and distribution of non-commercial media. Public access increases and diversifies the voices in the media; it provides all community members and particularly those in underserved or disenfranchised communities with the tools to tell their stories.

Our work is guided by these values:

All people have a right to equal ACCESS to media tools, knowledge and broadcast platform.

COLLABORATION produces compelling results when people build true and relationships and work toward common goals

LITERACY equips people to be in control of their interpretation of media messages and
increases their awareness of the potential for media to spark change
Informed and intentional

REPRESENTATION enables those who currently are
underrepresented or misrepresented to see themselves embodied in media.

Fighting for SOCIAL JUSTICE means disrupting the dominant structures that limit the
range of voices, and dispelling the narratives that perpetuate preconceived notions and