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Advanced Camera: Sony A7III


photo - Sony A7

Jump into the world of mirrorless video and get certified to use PhillyCAM's Sony A7III cameras, lightweight hybrid stills/video cameras that are perfect for indie filmmaking, documentaries, and low-profile newsgathering. This course will familiarize you with the camera's physical controls, go over lens selection, picture profiles, slow motion and more.


Winter 2020 Class Dates TBA



Week 1: What’s different about this camera? What is mirrorless? Full frame? What are the cons?

Week 2: Menu Settings, controls, Codec, ISO, aperture, exposure - a scavenger hunt to practice menu settings

Week 3: Lens kit – shot composition / Audio

Week 4: Adv Menu, My Menu, picture profiles, slow motion.  Color grading

Week 5: Storyboarding your practical. Planning considerations. Review.

Week 6: Demonstration/Test


In addition to the class sessions, students are expected to take time outside of class to complete the 1-minute video. We anticipate this taking no longer than 2 hours. The video is due within 2 weeks of the last day of class. 



  • You must be a current PhillyCAM member.
  • Attended an orientation session and/or TV Community Media Workshop.
  • Basic Field Production

Fee: $75

Instructor: Roland Boyden

Pay online or in-person with a credit or debit card. You will need to register in-person if you are paying by cash, check or money order.

No Refunds will be given to cancellations made later than 5 business days prior to the start date of the workshop. 

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