March Member of the Month, Women In Media


WIM Speaks Global Media is an opportunity and platform for the entire Women In Media Global Network to be empowered through! For the first time in 2007, Women In Media (WIM Global) created a new award to honor an agency dedicated to the advocacy of women, impact, positive news, and excellence.WIM’s Inaugural recipient of the Agency Award was PhillyCAM for their dedication to impacting and community reporting. PhillyCAM has been a long standing partner, supporter, and sponsor for Women In Media since 2014.

Our relationship and membership with PhillyCAM have been vital to our success in growing our nonprofit community of Women In Media. The even exchange benefits all of those actively apart of Women In Media and PhillyCAM alike. PhillyCAM brings the technical training, community support, and equipment necessary to advance our mission to the very next level. 5 years later, we are grateful for the bonds made and the impact felt amongst the community. With the launch of WPPM 106.5 FM PhillyCAM Radio, WIM Speaks Radio was born. The vision of a Women In Media Radio Show finally came to life.

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