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Asian Hip Hop Connection Panel  (plus a  Cooking Demo with Chef Poon)


Fridays at noon in Jan/Feb


PAAFF Presents: Reflections on the Evolution of Asian Cultural Influences in the Hip Hop Community. 
The discussion covers the influence of Asian cinema, culture and ethos on hip hop, the roots of hip hop from Black culture, its cross over to other groups of color and it's existing racial divide between those communities, the exoticization of) women, and transcending the notions of a 'model minority'. This panel is dedicated to Fred Ho (1957-2014). 
The panel features:
Jeff Chang: Scholar and writer of 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop' and now releasing 'Who We Be: The Colorization of America.'
Scott Chops Jung: Producer and rapper formerly for the Mountain Brothers. 
DJ Rekha Malhotra- DJ and creator of the Basement Bhangra scene.
Skeme Richards - DJ and creator of member of the RockSteady Crew