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Mashed Media Awards 2015


Presented by the Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative (PYMC).

3 programs of narrative, documentary & music video,  eduicational & visionary work produced by youth

Tuesdays at 4pm & Sundays at 9am



See more info on the Award Finalists below.

Narrative Award:

Never Change (Roxborough High School: Trae Taylor )
Teenager struggling with family issues seeks therapy for closure. This film is based off of a true story.

The Auteur (Rough Cut Production/ SLA: Warda Abuali. KaBoni Bailey, Jamira Carter, Enthony Chhin, Sophia Deoliveira, Nadir Meeks, Marshall Woodruff )

Social Switch (WHYY: Owen Murphy, Renee Plaza, Samantha Jones, Eric Bergsten, Eamon Kelly, Patrick Devine, Sianni McLaine, and Ethan Hurwitz)
A student needs assistance from some unwilling classmates.

Woof (Temple University: Michael Williams)
The story of a girl who accidentally kills her boyfriend. What more can I say.

Documentary Award: 

Not Your Mama’s Drama (Scribe Video Center: Folake Ayiloge, Olivia Haynes, Kemi Jackson, Imani Ross, Jasmine Traver)
the first collaboration between the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Journalism and Scribe’s youth media program, is an exploration of beauty, Black women’s self-image and images in the mass media. The project was facilitated by Helyx Chase,  Dominic Bracco II and Carlos Javier Ortiz 

A Shift In Words (Scribe Video Center: Jonathon Alexander, Taj Bland & Tyquil Griffin)
explores the ways in which Hip-Hop has evolved through the 1980′s, ’90s and today particularly through the “new” phenomenon of social media.

America’s Secret: Police Violence (UCCP: Taeniece Howard, Emaya Martin, Deniya Smith, Dominick Ector, Tamara Finger, Fredna Francois, Aren Jones, Kathy Lam, Chaine Martinez, and Solomon Stevens)
an experimental documentary that exposes youth of color’s experiences with police violence. It juxtaposes the ideal that police are meant to serve and protect their communities with images and stories of youth of color having been harassed, brutalized, and even killed by police. It also commemorates many black and brown youth who have been harmed by this social problem of police violence.

Society’s Coloring Book (UCCP/POWER: Kendall Phillips, Diaka Thiam, Dontae LaMar Hardaway, Katherine Smith, Kabbeh Davies, Sandy Tsang, Raymundo Anglada, Brandon Tran, Brianna Glover, Chanel Price, Destiny Hurtt, Yisela Contreras, Patrece Dixon, Leana Ware, LeVar Johnson, )
Young people reflect on their struggles and experiences with colorism and shadeism, while learning about the history of this phenomenon and its connection to white supremacy.

Streets to Call Our Own (Temple University: Kara Lieff, Kevin D. Goff, Eric Gannon, Erin Filson)

Education: Presented by Helen Gym, Co-Founder, Parents United for Public Education

Set up to Fail (PSU: Sharron Snyder, Jonae Cooper, Minh Tran, Sierra Robinson, Kelli Ross, Jeremy Rodriguez)
Members of the Philadelphia Student Union created videos on issues that are relevant to the lives of young people in Philadelphia. Students wanted to produce a video on high-stakes testing to show the ways that testing impacts students and how testing does not accurately reflect their skills and knowledge.

Power Over Bullying (UCCP: Angela, Brianna, Crystal, Daron, Fania, Graciela, Jeffrey, Jerron, Kawain, Lamar, Leilonnie, Nakira, William)
Bullying is serious problem in Philadelphia high schools. What are schools doing about it? This documentary, produced by Philly high school students, exposes some of the challenges in creating safe school climates in an under-resourced school district.

An Education in Inequality (WHYY: Darniesha Pressley, Christine Mosley, Anye Stevenson)
youth producers in WHYY’s flash Media Lab investigated the impact of budget cuts and school funding on educational quality in Philadelphia’s public schools.

Visionary Award:

Atelamise (UARTS: Tracey LaGuerre, Sean Patterson, Adam Samson, Haley Monsoon)
a story about a girl searching for her father but instead she finds herself.

Lap Dance (Michael Williams)
the sexual tension, desires, and fears that are evident in most relationships between two lovers in this modern age.

Voguing Train (Attic, Drexel University: Andrew Paszkiewicz, Kemar Jewel)
Voguing and Ballroom is such an underground let's actually take it underground! 

Runway Museum (Andrew Paszkiewicz, Kemar Jewel)
 the newest project from Director and Choreographer KEMAR JEWEL! When you mix elements of the ballroom scene with performance art, there is always magic to be made.

Music Video Award: 


The News (Flounder Warehouse: Seann Cantatore, Jake Kelberman, Luke Reitz, Russ Singh, David Patrick, Andrew Aulenbach, Daniel Lidon)

Salvation (Young Black Philosopher: Josh Clements/Salvation)