DNC: Connecting Movements with Media Makers

DNC: Connecting Movements with Media Makers

Battle for Broad

Captures the tension of Summer 2000. With the eyes of the world upon them, the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign gathered to take on the Phila police in a battle to hold an illegal march on the opening day of Republican National Convention

By Skylight Pictures, Presented by PPEHRC

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Unconventional Coverage: The Message & the Means

Commentary  filmed during the protests that erupted when the Republicans first nominated George Bush for president at their national convention in Philadelphia in 2000. By SLAW.me (formerly Big Tea Party)

Saturdays at 7pm in July


In the year 2000, the Republican National Convention was held in Philadelphia. Huge numbers of people turned up to protest. Every day that week, SLAW.me reported on the action in the streets.

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