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Program Submission Checklist

  • Update project page with program summary and still image
  • Contact programming Director about timeslot and delivery method
  • Save your high-quality master file of edited show as H264 HD mp4 or mov (no more than 20mbps)
  • Name file as required (see instructions for show delivery)
  • Determine best method of file delivery with Programming Director (A few options are available depending on your particular situation)
  • Sign submission form if delivering first episode of series or individual “special”
  • Add an episode page with TV guide description in advance of  file delivery - expected filename must match exactly
  • Deliver file by the first week of of the month (between the 1st & 7th) for scheduling the following month
  • Communicate with Programming Director via email on at least a monthly basis regarding cablecast of your series (in order to maintain a regular timeslot)

*The minimum requirement for a weekly series is "monthly" - one show per month (at least two weeks in advance of the upcoming month) with that episode cablecasting every week for the following month. There is also the option of delivering two shows (two weeks in advance of the upcoming month) so that one show would repeat two weeks in a row, which would be "bi-weekly." Keep in mind that for a "weekly program frequency," at least 4 episodes would need to be delivered at least two weeks in advance for the upcoming month, every month.