WPPM Schedule

Monday, May 16, 2022

Classical Tones

2:00 am

Hard Knock Radio

4:00 am

Hard Knock Radio is a drive-time Hip-Hop talk show on KPFA (94.1fm @ 4-5 pm Monday-Friday), a community radio station without corporate underwriting. Hosts Davey D and Anita Johnson give voice to issues ignored by the mainstream while planting seeds for social change.


Peace Talks Radio

5:00 am

Peace Talks Radio is a series of programs about peacemaking and nonviolent conflict resolution. A talk show that aims to promote the free exchange of ideas, empower the voiceless, make the invisible visible, and promote peace, justice, and human rights. Hosted by Paul Ingles, Carol Boss, and Suzanne Kryder



Flashpoint Daily News Magazine

6:00 am

Flashpoints is an award-winning daily investigative newsmagazine broadcast on the Pacifica Radio network, hosted by Dennis Bernstein. Through original reports and some of the key investigative reporters of our time, Flashpoints goes to the core of stories in the areas of government and corporate criminality, human rights, and economic justice.



Rising Up With Sonali

7:00 am


Rising Up with Sonali is an all-women run Radio and Television show that brings progressive news coverage rooted in gender and racial justice to a wide audience. The show is hosted and executive produced by Sonali Kolhatkar. The radio program airs on Pacifica stations KPFA and KPFK, and several affiliate stations. The television show will soon begin airing on Free Speech TV (Dish Network, DirecTV, Roku).


Democracy Now!

8:00 am

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program. Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S., Democracy Now! is broadcast on Pacifica, NPR, community, and college radio stations; on public access, PBS, satellite television, and on the internet. DN!’s podcast is one of the most popular on the web. Hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez



Michael Slate Show

10:00 am

The Michael Slate Show is a weekly interview based talk program that explores important factors to help us understand today’s culture, and change the world. As a correspondent for the newspaper Revolution, Slate traveled to South Africa as the only revolutionary journalist from the US to report from inside the heart of the rebellion during the uprisings of the 1980’s. Hosted by Michael Slate



Alternative Radio

11:00 am

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

Alternative Radio, established in 1986, is an award-winning weekly one-hour public affairs program. The program features conversations with famous authors, intellectuals, and activists. Hosted by David Barsamian


With Good Reason

12:00 pm

Each week top scholars in all sorts of fields take listeners on an intellectual journey. With ever-curious host Sarah McConnell, topics range from race in America to the surprising history of the Hawaiian shirt.


Chimera Radio

3:00 pm

The show specializes in local music, providing studio sessions and interviews from artists and musicians both in the Philadelphia region and around the globe.


Theater in the Round

4:00 pm

A.D. Amorosi covers theater, play-writing, opera, performance art, cabaret, improvisational stagecraft, burlesque and drag in the quad-state area, as well as a general concept.


Jazz from an Eclectic Mind

6:00 pm

H. Alonzo Jennings plays a variety of Jazz From Afro Cuban to Zydeco with emphasis on classic jazz (Big Band, Bebop , Post bop and the Avant Garde). He covers various styles and genres of Jazz and focus on Philadelphia born and based musicians past and present.


Turning Life Corners

7:00 pm

Where, "We Make You Visible." A politically provocative talk show, hosted by Daryl Lloyd centered around local, state and national issues. TLC also interviews political leaders, community agencies, educators, and entertainers on all levels. Also includes a weekly lineup of music featuring the greats of jazz.


The Elevated

8:00 pm

Doors are opening! Take a ride with DJ Domino and Vanessa Maria on the Elevated! Step inside and take a musical journey- bringing you the best in Hip-Hop, Punk Rock and Philly Sounds from about Town- Get Lifted.


DJ Yardsale Presents

9:00 pm

DJ Yardsale presents his collection of strange and bizarre records and free form mixes with a variety of experimental artists and interviews, reviews of exhibitions and live music performances.