WPPM Schedule

Sunday, January 16, 2022

And You Don't Stop Hour

12:00 am

Train to Skaville

2:00 am

And Seen... (RB)

5:00 am

What's the Frequency Kenneth?

6:00 am

Dr. Joe's Groove (RB)

8:00 am

The Selby Signature P.M. Show (RB)

11:00 am

Not Your Mother's Tongue

1:00 pm

What's Going On?

3:00 pm

PhillyCAM Productions

5:00 pm

Sunday Evenings With Lisa Barnes

5:30 pm

R&B Showcase

6:00 pm

PhillyCAM Specials

9:00 pm

Sylver Alert (RB)

10:00 pm