WPPM Schedule

Friday, July 1, 2022

PhillyCAM Mix

12:00 am

Indigenous in Music

2:00 am

Enjoy live interviews and a mix of new music from our Indigenous musicians from around the Western Hemisphere, a variety of rock, pop, country, flute, powwow, salsa, classical, house and electronica.


Hard Knock Radio

4:00 am

Hard Knock Radio is a drive-time Hip-Hop talk show on KPFA (94.1fm @ 4-5 pm Monday-Friday), a community radio station without corporate underwriting. Hosts Davey D and Anita Johnson give voice to issues ignored by the mainstream while planting seeds for social change.


Sojourner Truth

5:00 am

Sojourner Truth brings you news and views on local, national, and international policies and stories that affect us all. We draw out how those of us most impacted - women, communities of color and other communities are responding. We also discuss the inter-relationship between art and politics. At the start of our show we bring you the headlines of the day.


Flashpoint Daily News Magazine

6:00 am

Flashpoints is an award-winning daily investigative newsmagazine broadcast on the Pacifica Radio network, hosted by Dennis Bernstein. Through original reports and some of the key investigative reporters of our time, Flashpoints goes to the core of stories in the areas of government and corporate criminality, human rights, and economic justice.



Rising Up With Sonali

7:00 am


Rising Up with Sonali is an all-women run Radio and Television show that brings progressive news coverage rooted in gender and racial justice to a wide audience. The show is hosted and executive produced by Sonali Kolhatkar. The radio program airs on Pacifica stations KPFA and KPFK, and several affiliate stations. The television show will soon begin airing on Free Speech TV (Dish Network, DirecTV, Roku).


Democracy Now!

8:00 am

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program. Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S., Democracy Now! is broadcast on Pacifica, NPR, community, and college radio stations; on public access, PBS, satellite television, and on the internet. DN!’s podcast is one of the most popular on the web. Hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez



Dos Puntos

9:00 am

Emma Restrepo hosts a conversation that connects Latinxs living in Philadelphia with the ones that live in USA and Latin America to address cultural and social issues.


Economic Update

10:00 am

Economic Update explores complex economic issues and empowers listeners with information to analyze their own financial situation as well as the economy at large. By focusing on the economic dimensions of everyday life - wages, jobs, taxes, debts, and profits - the program explores alternative ways to organize markets and government policies. Hosted by Richard D. Wolff



Building Bridges

10:30 am

Our beat is the labor front, broadly defined, both geographically and conceptually. We examine the world of work and workers on the job as well as where they live. We examine the issues that affect their everyday lives, with a particular sensitivity towards human rights abuses, environmental concerns and the U.S. drive for global domination. We record their global struggles and provide analysis of their efforts to empower themselves and transform society to provide greater democratic, human, social, political and economic rights. Each program consists of feature stories, generally interviews, within a historical context, often accompanied by sound from demonstrations, rallies or conferences, and complemented and enhanced by poetry and instrumental or vocal -- people's culture.


ALL Entertainment Live!

12:30 pm

A lighthearted yet, thought provoking show featuring interviews and performances by authors, musical artists, celebrities, innovators and newsworthy people. Hosted by Jerry Hand & AdAM Monaco.


50 Shades of Jazz

1:00 pm

Weekly music show curated by musicologist, DJ Affirmation, who spins jazz vinyl cuts from the 60s to today. He also features jazz crossover music from hip hop, R&B, gospel, blues, and pop genres.


The Selby Signature P.M. Show

3:00 pm

Selby Signature (Poison or Medicine) covers Food, Health and Wellness Topics. Host Derwood Selby engages in conversations with local chefs, dieticians, gardeners, and others in the food and health fields.



Madre Tierra

5:00 pm

Hosts Arianne Bracho and Claudia Ceballos talk about women's’ issues from a holistic perspective. (Spanish)


The Light

6:00 pm

The Light, hosted by Raymond Tyler, is a presentation of great music from all genres and conversations about art, music and style and sometimes timely topics.


What's Hidden Radio

8:00 pm

Snookie Blaze highlights music from the underground by featuring independent artists from all genres from Philly, NJ, and all over the US.


The Funk Excursion

9:00 pm

The Funk Excursion with Brieze Thompson presents a journey through the history, culture, and music of THE FUNK. The program examines the evolution of Funk through critical discussion, interviews and, of course, the Best of Funk in all its many variations. Featuring music from the classic era of the 60’s and 70’s, as well as Jazz Funk, Funky Disco, Techno, Hip Hop, and House, The Funk Excursion presents Funk not just as music of the past, but as a living art form which has, and continues to influence music throughout the world today.


King of the Oldies with Ali Hackett

10:00 pm

Weekly oldies dance party featuring music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. Host Ali Hackett talks about the history of music, plays 1 hit wonders, b-sides, album cuts, live versions, and does interviews with the artists.