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Request for House Crew


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PhillyCAM's new House Crew is a pilot program that will employ certified members to serve as contracted crew to support members who have had difficulty securing crew for studio shoots.

To Qualify for House Crew Assistance, Producer's must: 
  • Have an active project.
  • Must show that they have tried other outlets to acquire crew.
  • Have all necessary materials, a production plan and are only missing a crew.
  • Have a simple show that will not require an abundance of planning/coordinating from the crew.

Selection Process:
PhillyCAM Staff and designated members will review the applications and select the producer's in need to receive help from the House Crew.
One producer will be selected per month for one shoot using the House Crew.

How will it work?
The producer will meet with the designated production director to review the show's schedule and needs. House Crew members will rotate on a monthly basis for scheduled shoots and will be assigned a role by staff.

Producers are expected to:
  • Supply the Director of the production with a production plan, lighting grid, talent contact info and crew needs. 
  • Create the equipment reservations for their productions and must know what they need for the production ahead of time. 
  • Selected Producers will get help from the House Crew once per their membership year.
  • Producers can reapply the following year if more help is needed.

Please complete the application fully to be considered. For questions about this process, please contact Gabe Castro, Production and Programming Coordinator at