Revolution School, January Member Of The Month

Revolution School


This fall, Revolution School's founding students spent 3 hours each week gathering at PhillyCAM to work on podcasts. They were investigating the murals in Brewerytown, where our school is located, and they intended to use the podcasts as a way to share their understanding of what was happening under the surface of the murals they chose. PhillyCAM teacher Ariel Taylor and Education Director Laura Deutch brought both technical expertise and the kind of inclusive approach that supported our students' growth.

One student explained, "While at PhillyCAM, we learned how to make podcasts, create sound bites, and use Garageband. PhillyCAM is a place where you can express yourself and be yourself because they will respect you no matter what religion, gender, race, or sexuality you are." On December 12th, our students proudly presented their work to friends, family, and interested community members at the first-ever Revolution School Presentation of Learning.

Another student summed it up:
PhillyCAM has taught me a lot, and more people should be utilizing all of the resources that they have to offer. They helped us dig deeper into content, sharpen our interviewing skills, and they outlined a good structure for our podcasts. I have learned from them that the power of podcasts is that they are an efficient way to express ideas to the public. People can listen and learn while doing other things. Knowing how to make one will be very helpful to me in the future because I will know another way to present my thinking.

We are excited and honored to be PhillyCAM's January Member of the Month. We really see their partnership as a gift to us and look forward to more collaboration in the future.