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Episode: - 11- Paula Holloway
Featuring Performances by Douglas Payne with Polygon and Paula Holloway. Hosted by Erie Mosley and Mollie Wilford.

Copying a Ready-Made Garment
Episode: - with Laurel 19: Ready-Made
Fashion educator Laurel Hoffmann shows how to copy a jacket.

Ep. 31 Social Media 301
Episode: - 31 Social Media
Wayne Will be Taking a Deep Dive Into Social Media

Hear Us Out - Our Take on Social Media
Episode: - 25: Our Take on Social Media
Youth hosts discuss the latest trends social media trends, creative uses, and share their personal favorites from different platforms, offering perspective on online connectivity and expression

5ta Temporada Episodio 10
Episode: - Nov 20, 2023
5ta Temporada 10 Episodio

5ta Temporada episodio Especial
Episode: - Nov 6, 2023
5ta Temporada 9 Episodio Especial

5ta temporada episodio 8
Episode: - Oct 23, 2023
5ta Temporada 8 Episodio

5ta Temporada episodio 7
Episode: - Oct 9, 2023
5ta Temporada 7 Episodio

5ta Temporada Episodio 6
Episode: - Oct 2, 2023
5ta Temporada 6 Episodio

5ta Temporada Episodio 5
Episode: - Sep 17, 2023
5ta Temporada 5 Episodio

5ta temporada episodio 4
Episode: - Sep 10, 2023
5ta Temporada 4 Episodio

5ta Temporada Episodio 3
Episode: - Sep 6, 2023
5ta Temporada 3 Episodio

5ta Temporada  2 episodio
Episode: - Aug 23, 2023
5ta Temporada 2 Episodio

5ta Temporada Programa 1
Episode: - Jul 31, 2023
5ta Temporada Programa 1

Voces de Madre Tierra.  Final de la 4ta temporada.
Episode: - July 9, 2023
Voces de Madre Tierra: Final de la 4ta temporada

Voces de Madre Tierra The Philadelphia AIDS Consortium (TPAC)
Episode: - July 3, 2023
Voces de Madre Tierra: The Philadelphia AIDS Consortium (TPAC)

Voces de Madre Tierra. Muerte postparto incrementa en EE.UU.
Episode: - June 25, 2023
Voces de Madre Tierra: Muerte postparto incrementa en EE.UU

Voces deMadre Tierra Esfuerzos binacionales desde Filadelfia
Episode: - June 16, 2023
Voces deMadre Tierra: Esfuerzos binacionales desde Filadelfia

From Every Angle: PDA
Episode: - 13 Affection
A collage of video art, interviews, and musical performances giving voice to everyday Philadelphians

Heart of the Beat with David Uosikkinen at Drexel University Dec 4th, 2023 - Q & A and QDK band and Low Cut Connie performance
Episode: - 90: college screening
David Uosikkinen debuts his film “Heart of the Beat” at Drexel U with a Q & A and music performance by the QDK band.

Main Line TV talk show with host David Uosikkinen and guests Kenny Aaronson & Freddie Rojo
Episode: - 89: friends get together
David Uosikkinen (drummer), Kenny Aaronson (bass guitarist) and Freddy Rojo (drummer) sit down for a chat all about music.

PhillyCAM Voices: January 2024
Episode: - 92: Jan 2024
Community reporters examine the local impact of politics & culture on communities with underrepresented perspectives, inspiring greater civic engagement for an empowered, equitable & just Phila

Television Courtroom: #90 (Jan 2024) [Live]
Episode: - 89: Jan. 2024
Host Michael Coard breaking down current legal issues

The Darlaina Rose Show Episode 3 Queen Norris
Episode: - 03 Queen Norris
Queen Norris, Film Director and owner of Qii Films.From youtube to the big screen to streaming on Tubi! HerStory. Health Segment on Nonstick Pots and the dangers of using them.