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WPPM Shows

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215 Sports

Sundays 10am

We cover the top news, games, and drama throughout the sports world. Hosted by Ernest Drummond, Terrell Willis, and Devon DeShields.

50 Shades of Jazz

Fridays 3pm
Producer: Joseph Alston

Weekly music show curated by musicologist, DJ Affirmation, who spins jazz vinyl cuts from the 60s to today. He also features jazz crossover music from hip hop, R&B, gospel, blues, and pop music genres.

A.D. Amorosi's Theater in the Round

Mondays 4pm

Theater in the Round a one-hour, weekly program covering theater, opera and performance art hosted by Philadelphia journalist and writer, A.D. Amorosi.

Alicia's Peace

Saturdays 4-6pm
Producer: Alicia Bullock

Dr Alicia Bullock, (she prefers to just be called, "Alicia") plays the American Art form known as Jazz, mixed in with internationally renowned music from other artists whose genre should not be "categorized" such as - Jill Scott, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the Brand New Heavies, in addition to, independent artists such as Amel Larrieux. You can also RUE, Raise your voice, Understand your voice, Express your voice in our corner of the airwaves where we "stir" up our Voices.

Alternative Radio

Tuesdays 9am

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

And Seen

Wednesdays 11pm
Producer: Frank Bellina

Frank Bellina assembles an audio collage covering a myriad of topics-either current or dated; drawing from many genres of music and other non-musical sources (spoken word recordings) "from the simple to the sublime"--and maybe silly and serious at the same time.

Between The Lines

Tuesdays 1pm

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

Black Tribbles

Thursdays 9pm
Producer: Len Webb , Producer: Kennedy Allen

Sci-fi, comic books, movies, video games, cartoons; it all gets tossed around by the 5-headed hairy hoard of Black Tribbles—creator/producer Len Webb aka BatTribble, co-producer Kennedy Allen aka Storm Tribble, Erik Darden aka Master Tribble, Randy Green aka SuperTribble and Jason Richardson aka Spider-Tribble.

The team reveals untold stories of geek history, showcases new and upcoming projects, and engages in thought-provoking conversation and provides critical insight into a culture often devoid of a black influence, all with an irreverent tone that delights as it educates.

Broad Street Line

Saturdays 10am
Producer: Roy Burton

As a direct result of countless hours spent riding the subway bearing the same name, Kris Domingo and Roy Burton bring you "The Broad Street Line" - an irreverent mix of sports talk, music, pop culture and more.

Building Bridges

Wednesdays 1:30pm

Century of Lies

Mondays 3:30pm

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

Community Voice

Tuesdays 6pm

A weekly talk show where we highlight inspiring stories of people of color in Philadelphia and South Jersey and how they're making a difference in the city. From young to old, parents to politicians, entrepreneurs to educators, neighbors to new people in the city, Community Voice wants to hear the voice of the people in the city to help create connections and provide resources to build caring and prosperous communities in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Hosted by Jeffrey Jones

Conversation Earth

Thursdays 9:30am

Counter Spin

Wednesdays 5:30pm

Craic Radio

Thursdays 5pm
Producer: Sean Timmons

Sean Timmons and Fergus Carey co-host the CRAIC Radio show on Thursdays at 5:00pm. “Craic" is an Irish word for good conversation, lively company and great tunes. We share our passion for music new and old and feature a guest who is making music that matters. That’s the CRAIC!


Fridays 5pm
Producer: Antoine Haywood

DJ Kid Charlamagnedoes all vinyl mixes of throwback jams. Funk, soul, disco, boogie from '75 - '85 is my wheelhouse. He also throws in rock, jazz fusion, and love just about anything '80s. I'm obviously also a big fan of Steely Dan, i.e. "speaker testing music."

Cultural Baggage

Mondays 3pm

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

Democracy Now!

Daily 8am

Daily independent news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

Diddie Wa Diddie

Producer: Hugh Wilikofsky

Hugh Wilikofsky curates an atmospheric showcase of some of the best underground, raw, and out there sounds. No genre is off the table, no time period ignored. Appalachian folk might rub elbows with UK dub, avant-garde jazz with footwork, deep soul with harsh noise and they all might find they have a lot more in common than they thought. You might learn something. You'll definitely enjoy yourself.

DJ Yardsale Presents

Producer: Nick Cassway

DJ Yardsale presents an eclectic mix of fun music straight from his exotic collection of vinly records and CDs.  

Dr. Joe's Groove

Tuesdays 2pm

Dr. Joe Lex offers a radio show for nostalgic OCDs. Each episode features news and music (mostly jazz) from exactly 60 years ago this week in the first hour. Second hour more free-form, like old late-1960s FM. Maybe music collected in his world travels. Maybe highlighting a particular artist or genre. Maybe 10 versions of the same song. Maybe best covers of another artist's songs. It's sort of free-form, but always entertaining and probably educational.

Economic Update

Fridays 10am

Encyclopedia Esoterica

Mondays 1pm

All the weird that fits. Obscurities and shoulda-been hits. Outsiders, misfits, prophets, seers, sages. Hosted by Jordan Burgis.


Mondays 10am

Footlight Parade

Mondays 1pm

Fully Baked Radio

Saturdays 8pm
Producer: Phil Charles

Fully Baked Radio, an urban variety show featuring hosts Flip Marlee, Vanessa Maria, and Jason Arnold who talk about news, current events, cannabis, drug policy reform, and mass incarceration.  Featuring local artists and live music performances.  

Guerrilla Ignition Radio

Fridays 9pm

Indieevo Radio

Saturdays 6pm
Producer: Mitchell Robertson

Indieevo Radio is an independent artist and entertainment outlet for music, comedy, writer, entrepreneur, activist and current News hosted by Mitch Bonz.

Jazz from an Eclectic Mind

Mondays 6pm

H. Alonzo Jennings plays a variety of Jazz From Afro Cuban to Zydeco with emphasis on classic jazz (Big Band, Bebop , Post bop and the Avant Garde). He covers various styles and genres of Jazz and focus on Philadelphia born and based musicians past and present.

King's Corner with Ali Hackett

Fridays 10pm
Producer: Chef Ali Hackett

Weekly Friday night oldies dance party featuring music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. Host Ali Hackett talks about the history of the music, plays 1 hit wonders, b-sides, album cuts, live versions, and does interviews with the artists.

Labor Justice Radio

Mondays 5pm
Producer: Charles Clarke

This is a weekly program co-hosted by Charles B. Clark and Jim Moran that focuses on issues and concerns of working people (employed, underemployed and unemployed) whether union or non-union. What are the rights of workers, are those rights adequately protected, how do workers fair compared to workers in other industrialized nations, what role can/does unions play in social issues that affect their members? These and much more are the conversations on Labor Justice Radio.

Latin Waves

Thursdays 2pm

Laura Flanders

Thursdays 2:30pm

Law and Disorder

Wednesdays 9am

Local Mouthful

Sundays 5pm, Wednesdays 5pm
Producer: Joy Manning

Local Mouthful is a 30-minute show hosted and produced by Joy Manning and Marisa McClellan—both cookbook authors, food writers, but most of all, Philly-based home cooks. Our show covers all aspects of local food--grocery shopping, farmers' markets, home cooking, local restaurants, Philly food personalities, nutrition, and cookbooks.

Magz FM

Saturdays 2pm
Producer: Lorne Peart

Magz FM is a weekly broadcast supporting exciting music and culture. We attempt to cultivate the future of the underground scene, in addition to celebrating and acknowledging present day music and music from the past. Hosted by Maggy Thump.

Making Contact

Mondays 12:30pm

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

Michael Slate Show

Wednesdays 10am

Micheaux Mission

Saturdays 1pm

Two Men. One Podcast. Every Black Film Ever Made. Len Webb and Vince Williams are on The Micheaux Mission. The two friends, always looking for collaborative opportunities, agreed to take on Len's challenge of watching and reviewing every Black feature film ever made and released to theaters. In Vince's words, they hope to give 'Rolling Stones' magazine style examination to these under-appreciated works of art.

Millenial High

Sundays 12pm

Millennial High is an inspirational and informational radio show for the trendsetting millennial looking for motivation, inspiration, and deep conversation. This show serves as a platform for those who want to inspire and provoke others to take action towards their purpose in life. Created, produced and hosted by Tia Shashai.

My Bittersweet Philosophy

Fridays 3pm
Producer: Julian Seward

Julian Seward's show provides an insight into his life and the way he views the world through various subjects, current events, and personal philosophies. He discusses accompanied by a playlist that directly correlates to the topic at hand. He plays everything from R&B, Alternative, Classic Rock to Instrumental and International music to support the subject of each particular show.

Nika Tlaka

Thursdays 1pm
Producer: Brujo de la Mancha Sr.

A radio show dedicated to talk about indigenous people living in Philadelphia. News, music, art, interviews, and more. Hosted by Brujo De La Mancha.

Un programa de radio dedicado a hablar sobre los pueblos indígenas que viven en Filadelfia. Noticias, música, arte, entrevistas y más. Presentado por Brujo De La Mancha.

Non-Profit Radio

Wednesdays 3pm

Peace Talk Radio

Thursdays 9am

People Power Lunch Hour

Wednesdays 12pm

People Power Lunch Hour is a weekly talk show broadcast live on PhillyCAM TV and WPPM Radio featuring voices from the local community who inform, analyze, discuss and debate current events and promote civic engagement in Philadelphia and Camden. The show empowers people with an opportunity to have dialogue about issues that impact their communities and propose solutions for addressing the problems.
Hosted by 
Vanessa Maria Graber and produced by Laura Deutch.

Philly Folk Scene

Ray Naylor features the best in Philly Folk music, interviews with local artists, and information on folk events in the area. 

Philly On Location

Saturdays 1pm
Producer: Jordan Kauwling

Quiet on the set! Join hosts Jordan Kauwling and Terelle Brown each as they review every Philly movie ever made.

PhillyCAM Local MIx

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1am

PhillyCAM Pre-Recorded

PhillyCAM Morning Mix


PhillyCAM Productions


Planetary Radio

Project Censored


Pulling Focus

Tuesdays 10am
Producer: Gretjen Clausing

Pulling Focus zooms in on what's happening in film and digital media culture in Philadelphia and beyond. Host Gretjen Clausing speaks with filmmakers, curators, critics, scholars and archivists about film, current events and pop culture all while putting great soundtracks and film score music in the foreground.

Quiet Storm

Mondays 12am

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

Radio Curious

Wednesdays 2pm

Ralph Nader Radio Hour

Mondays 9am


Sea Change Radio

Tuesdays 1:30pm


Six Degrees

Wednesdays 8pm
Producer: Gracie Golden

Gracie Golden chooses a band, artist, movement, or moment in music history and explores when, where, and how it came to be. She plays the influences, the side projects, the supergroups, and the collaborations by your favorite rock, country, punk, folk, pop, and soul artists.

Sojourner Truth

Mondays 7am

Sonic Cafe

Sundays 11am

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

Spirit News

Producer: Max Pulcini



Wednesdays 1pm

Sunday Evenings

Sundays 5:30pm
Producer: Lisa Barnes

Sunday Evenings is a news magazine show that deals with arts and culture, political and social issues and Philadelphia news. Hosted by Lisa Barnes.

Sylver Alert

Tuesdays 4pm
Producer: Ricky Paul

DJ K-Tell presents Sylver Alert spinning classic 60s through 90s vinyl cuts with a shout out to Philly's L/G/T/B/Q communities and our straight allies. Enjoy yesteryear's uplifting and personal tales often with an edge of humor with valuable lessons in love, life and gratitude from a variety of special guests. The cup isn't half empty, it's half full-and full of pop rocks!

Sylver Alert (RB)

Sundays 6pm
Producer: Ricky Paul

DJ K-Tell presents Sylver Alert spinning classic 60s through 90s vinyl cuts with a shout out to Philly's L/G/T/B/Q communities and our straight allies. Enjoy yesteryear's uplifting and personal tales often with an edge of humor with valuable lessons in love, life and gratitude from a variety of special guests. The cup isn't half empty, it's half full-and full of pop rocks!

Talk Nation Radio

Thursdays 12pm

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

Talking Machine Hour

Wednesdays 7pm
Producer: David Atlas

Hear the sweet and haunting refrains of yesteryear, 78rpm shellac recordings of the 1920s and early 1930s, reproduced--as they were meant to heard--on century-old acoustic phonographs. Old music for new ears, curated by Philadelphia disc-jockey David Atlas.

The Career Seekers Show

Wednesdays 4pm
Producer: Kenneth Johnson

The Career Seekers Show is the only source for Career & Job Search information with a focus on Diversity.

Join the team of Kenneth L. Johnson, Tiffany F. Southerland and Alberta Bertolino as they discuss, debate and laugh about the latest Career, Job Search, Recruitment and HR related topics.

The Dalilia Robin Show

Sundays 1pm

Helping Indie artists shine since 2009.

The Elevated

Mondays 8pm
Producer: anthony mazza Jr.

Doors are opening! Take a ride with DJ Domino and Vanessa Maria on the Elevated! Step inside and take a musical journey- bringing you the best in Hip-Hop, Punk Rock and Philly Sounds from about Town- Get Lifted.

The Light

Fridays 6pm
Producer: Raymond Tyler

The Light, hosted by Raymond Tyler, is a presentation of great music from all genres and conversations about art, music and style and sometimes timely topics.

The Monitor

Tuesdays 12pm

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

The Selby Signature P.M. Show

Fridays 12pm
Producer: Derwood Selby

Selby Signature (Poison or Medicine) covers Food, Health and Wellness Topics. We engage in conversations with local chefs, dieticians, gardeners, and others in the food and health fields and feature innovations and trends in gourmet/fancy foods, restaurants and eateries, and urban garden development. Hosted by Derwood Selby. Regular contributors include Renee-Norris Jones, Kamili Fields, and Vanessa Maria Graber.

The Success Society Show

Saturdays 11am

The Success Society Show is a weekly talk show empowering women to become successful marketplace masters. Executive Producer Toni Hightower collaborates with successful female role models by dialoguing and exploring ways to help shorten the learning curve for listens and create a more inclusive marketplace.

Turning Life Corners

Mondays 7pm
Producer: Daryl Lloyd

Where, "We Make You Visible." A politically provocative talk show, hosted by Darryl Lloyd centered around local, state and national issues. TLC also interviews political leaders, community agencies, educators, and entertainers on all levels. Also includes a weekly lineup of music featuring the greats of Jazz.

Uneasy Listening

Saturdays 10pm
Producer: Rachel Courtney

Uneasy Listening, playing on WPPM on Saturdays from 10pm-midnight, is a show for adventurous listeners who like variety. Episodes of Uneasy Listening unfold thematically, rather than according to genre. The varied musical styles keep you engaged and looking for the thread that ties them together. Not a show for zoning out.

Up Front Soul

Saturdays 12am

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

Voices and Views

Mondays 12pm

Pacifica Pre-Recorded

We Talk Weekly

Tuesdays 7pm

One-hour magazine-style, entertainment talk show, hosted by celebrity stylist Charles Gregory and correspondent Lauren Sizzle. They discuss the hottest topics in entertainment news, good news/bad news, and love & relationships while featuring special in-studio guests.

What's Going On?

Sundays 3pm

Sherry Lee plays all your favorite music from the 50s to 2000s and featuring conversations with local artists, authors, people in the entertainment industry, and community leaders.

What's Hidden Radio

Fridays 8pm
Producer: Andrea Spruill

Snookie Blaze highlights music from the underground by featuring independent artists from all genres from Philly, NJ, and all over the US.


Wednesdays 2:30pm

With Good Reason

Thursdays 11am

World Sports Show

Mondays 9pm
Producer: Charles Flowe

World Sports Show covers mostly soccer and other sports that are not mainstream. We one the few radio shows in the world to cover women's sports weekly and giving a voice to female players and coaches. Hosted by Charlie Flowe and John DiCriscio.

Youth Open Mic Hour

Monthly showcase for youth artists, musicians, poets, writers and activists who want to share their work. Youth from Philly and Camden are invited to perform live, share their work, and talk about issues that matter to them.