Precious Places Program 4 Sun. March 26 at noon

King's Highway Bridge, Holmesburg, Pennsylvania by Friends of Pennypack Park and Holmesburg Civic Association (Holmesburg – Northeast Philadelphia)

A 334-year-old bridge has witnessed the Revolutionary War, the founding of Holmesburg, and countless seasons in the Pennypack Park. This film explores that significant history and what it means to the community that lives nearby. 

Bury Me in a Free Land: The Story of Eden Cemetery by Friends of Historic Eden Cemetery (Collingdale, Delaware County)

Eden Cemetery is a sacred burial space for African Americans in Delaware County. This film highlights Eden's rich history, from a pauper’s grave to celebrated historic cemetery, as well its complicated relationship with neighboring residents.

The Philadelphia Lazaretto by the Lazaretto Preservation Association of Tinicum Township

In this documentary, neighbors, historians and descendants of immigrants who were held at the Lazaretto in Tinicum Township in Delaware County, nearby the Philadelphia International Airport, reflect on the former hospital's years as a quarantine facility.

Sun. Mar.26 at noon & Mon. Mar.27 at 7pm