Submit a TV Program


How Do I Get My TV Show On PhillyCAM?

PhillyCAM accepts all types of non-commercial TV programs produced by members: Talk Shows, Documentaries, News Programs, Animated Short Films, Arts and Culture Events, Educational and Youth Produced Work, etc.

After attending an orientation a member can submit one weekly TV series (scheduled in half hour slots) or any number of individual videos of any genre and various lengths, as the schedule allows. Locally produced programming is PhillyCAM’s first priority but a member can sponsor a program from outside the area with written permission from the producer.

Delivery and Scheduling Procedures

  • A program completed in the acceptable format can be sent or hand–delivered with a submission form to PhillyCAM.
  • When both the form and the show are submitted, a timeslot can be scheduled with the Programming Director.
  • Programs are scheduled on a monthly basis.
  • Videos submitted at the beginning of the month can be scheduled to start showing at the beginning of the following month.

Accepted Formats for Program Submission 

  • An HD file with specific settings can be submitted.
  • If necessary, a DVD with no chapters or menu can be submitted by mail or in person only if your program is not HD.

Contact Programming Director regarding video format & delivery options. 

For more details on submitting a program please see the Program Submission Checklist & Program Delivery Instructions located on the right side of this page along with information about the required HD file. 

If you have any questions regarding our submission process contact Programming Director, Debbie Rudman at