The Editing Room Floor: Asian Youth VoicesHey, I’m Justin I’m a...


The Editing Room Floor: Asian Youth Voices

Hey, I’m Justin I’m a high school senior and over the summer I worked on a series of videos at PhillyCAM for the Asian Youth Voices program. In just one week we worked together to make videos about our experiences as Asian America Youth. I recently went back to PhillyCAM to edit one of our videos and here are 3 things I didn’t know about the editing and filmmaking process that I know now…..

1. Get as much footage as you can! The more you have to work with once you begin editing the better.

2.Editing is hard and very time-consuming. I short video not even 2 mins can take hours to complete.Be Patient!

3.Filmmaking lets you have a voice and editing helps to support your message and make it more clear.

I loved my time at PhillyCAM and can’t wait to see all the finished films.