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April 2016

Women's Film Festival

Funny Women
The Women's Film Festival presents a conversation around comedy and women in film. Featuring Jennifer MacMillan, Christina May and Melissa Kim.

Mondays at 1:30pm in May


Female Media Makers in the industry
Join PWIFT and the Women's Film Festival for a conversation and brainstorming session with David Dunn, Maureen Scultz, Aaron Spence and Jacqui Sadashige in how we make female media makers in Philly more visible to the people who hire?

Wednesdays at 9:30am in May

Five Short Films Season 2

Presents some of the best independent short films created by aspiring independent filmmakers from Philadelphia and surrounding areas. This season we are featuring filmmakers: Melissa Kim, David Thompson, Carissa Anik, Lateek Harrison, and S.L. Sawyer. 

Produced by Shameka Sawyer

Saturdays at 9pm in May

Short videos by Jill Frechie

1. WAC Art Quilt Elements:

Wayne Art Center presents the Art Quilt Elements exhibition, acclaimed for it's professional presentation, discover the secrets of the artists, as they describe their work and technique.

2. WAC Young at Art:

"Presenting this colorful and dynamic exhibition of artwork from the "young at art" and teens. Artworks may be in all media, including drawing & painting, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry or photography."

3. WAC and St Augustine:

Wayne Art Center supports St Augustine Academy after school enrichment program for girls in Norristown with art, drama and culinary instruction.

4. WAC community art center:

The Wayne Art Center is a vibrant, active art center. Their mission is build the appreciation of the visual and performing arts through classes, exhibitions, lectures and programs.

5. The Hagley Museum and Library:

The Hagley Museum and Library, located on the property of the du Pont powder mills covers more than 235 acres along the Brandywine creek in Wilmington Delaware.

6. My Career as the first Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury:

Leon Wigrizer was the first inspector general of the U.S. Treasury Department. In 1985, Mayor Goode hired him to become the city's first inspector general, he then moved to SEPTA.


Saturdays at 8:00pm in May

Tea Time with Seleste

Establishing a relationship with culture, and community by talking to various artists, designers, politicians, doctors, radio personalities, & Moguls

With Mont Brown and Rashaad Lambert 

 Hosted by Sybil White


Saturdays in May at 2:20pm

Atrévete (I Dare You)

Un programa bilingüe, producido por PhillyCAM Latino que investiga la diversidad de experiencias, historias e ideas dentro de la comunidad latina en Philadelphia. Los temas de cada show van a expandir nuestras ideas de tolerancia, bienestar, raíces culturales y talentos que tenemos. Presentamos las voces de la comunidad como propios expertos- compartiendo información, recursos e historias personales. Atrévete a pensar diferente: reconociendo nuestras similitudes, pero apreciando nuestras diferencias.

Atrévete a pensar diferente un show a la vez.

A bilingual program produced by PhillyCAM Latino that investigates the diverse experiences, stories and ideas within the Latino community of Philadelphia. The themes of each show will expand our ideas about tolerance, well being, cultural roots and talent within our communities, recognizing our similarities but appreciating our differences.

I dare you to think differently, one show at a time.

Thursdays at 9:30pm

Smart Talks

Our Story: 

The Henry George School of Social Science, established in 1932, is based upon the ideas and writings of American political economist and social reformer Henry George.  His groundbreaking book, Progress and Poverty, published in 1879, is an all-time best seller in the field of Economics. The mission of the school is to educate people about the philosophies of this visionary economist and explain their relevance in the (current) 21st century.


Our Series:

We present excerpts from our Smart Talk Series, presented by Andrew Mazzone, President of the Henry George School.  Andrew interviews well-known and widely respected economists, political scientists and social thinkers.  These varying segments examine today’s economic challenges as well as the relevancy of Henry George’s political theories today. 

Produced by Ann Kaufman


Sundays at 5pm

Around the Corner

Learn about local Non-profit orgs with Generocity.

Hosted by  Mo Manklang

Wednesdays at 8pm


Featured Guests in May : Jim Wells & Aisha Winfield of Music Lab, Martha Cooney of Story Up!, Nicole Koedyker of Forsei Consultin, Ina Lipman Of Children’s Scholarship Fund Phila