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How can I get involved in PhillyCAM Radio?

We are looking for radio producers, hosts, DJs, community journalists, documentarians, techies, builders, board operators, editors, cable makers, music librarians and more!

Become A Member
Once you are a member, if you plan on submitting a radio show application or taking classes you must attend an Intro to Community Radio Workshop, to learn more about the radio station and how you can get involved.

Submit Content
If you already have radio production skills and you are a PhillyCAM member, you are eligible to submit content to our radio station as a special. Specials are reviewed by the Station Manager and can be aired at various times throughout the programming schedule.

Join a Committee
PhillyCAM Community Radio has 4 member-driven committees (Tech, Outreach/Events, Fundraising, and Production) that each meet monthly to discuss radio station business. All programmers with a live radio show must join at least 1 committee.

How do I host a live radio show?

If you are interested in hosting a live radio program, you should first meet with the station manager to go over your idea. Then you can submit a program application to WPPM. The programming committee reviews all applications and approves shows.

If your program is approved, you must then complete a 6-week Radio Studio Training, shadow a current programmer's radio show, and pass a practical competency test as well as a written test on FCC rules for FM broadcasting. Once you have completed these steps, you will then be assigned a time slot for a live radio program.

Can I play commercial music?

Yes, you may play commercial music as long as the content does not violate our Guiding Principles for programming content.


Can I put my show on other stations/platforms?

Yes, your show is owned by you and you can distribute it to other networks and stations. PhillyCAM does not own the rights to your show, but by submitting your content to our station you are granting WPPM the right to air your show on our radio station, internet radio stream, and website.


I already produce a podcast. Can I submit this content for airing on WPPM?

Yes, you may submit podcasts as specials to the station manager. If you would like a regular time slot on WPPM, you must follow the steps outlined above for hosting a live radio program.


Can I use content that has expletives/profanity?

No. We currently are not accepting content with explicit language.


Can I air commercials or get sponsorship for my show?

PhillyCAM holds a non-commercial, education license for WPPM which means we are not allowed to air any commercials. As a non-commercial station we are allowed to engage in underwriting, however, all underwriting must support PhillyCAM and not individual members or shows. All underwriting must be approved by the Executive Director.


What kinds of equipment is in the studio?

We have an audio board with inputs for microphones, CD players, cassettes, turn tables, computers, smart phones, digital media players, and a land line telephone.


Will I be able to record my show and share on podcasting platforms?

Yes, programmers will be able to record their shows in the studio and are encouraged to share their shows on online platforms.
Keep in mind, if you are using copyrighted music content, you are only covered under PhillyCAM's licensing agreements to air your program on the FM radio and on our streaming audio site.

If you put your content on a podcasting site or personal website and you have copyrighted content, will have to secure a separate licensing agreement or risk fines by the major licensing companies.


Can I air local music on my show?

Yes, however, if the artist is not covered under a licensing agreement with one of the three big licensing companies (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), the you will have to get permission from the artist prior to airing on your radio program.


I have a TV show on PhillyCAM's cable channels. Can I put the content on the radio station?

Yes. However, you are not guaranteed a spot on WPPM just because you have a TV program on PhillyCAM. You must also follow the same process above by completing a program application and get it approved by the programming committee.

Possibilities include extracting the audio from your TV show and converting to a wav or mp3 file. However, the content cannot dependent on visual elements in order to work well on the radio station. You are encouraged to record an intro for the show to inform the listeners that your program was originally aired for television.


I don't have any background in radio. Can I still participate in the radio station?

Yes, we have training opportunities for people new to radio. We encourage you to sign up first for the audio production class before you submit an application for a radio program. All programmers must undergo a radio studio training which will teach them how to operate the equipment in the studio prior to going on the air.