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More than a TV station, PhillyCAM is a vibrant community center that connects people and teaches them to become creators, not just consumers, of high-quality independent and non-commercial media.

Any individual who lives or works in the greater Philadelphia community regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, ability, age, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability or economic status may become a member of PhillyCAM. All members are required to pay an annual membership fee, attend orientation and agree to abide by PhillyCAM’s policies and procedures as outlined in our Member Handbook.

Paying for membership is the first step to completing your membership process. The final step is to attend an free Orientation, either TV or Radio. Visit this page for information on our upcoming sessions.

Individual Membership $30 (Seniors 65+/Students $20)

Benefits Include:

  • Gain media production skills and access to PhillyCAM equipment certification
  • Distribute your show on cable channels that reach over 1 million people in Philadelphia
  • Access TV Production studios, computer lab, and meeting spaces
  • Your show on PhillyCAM’s Video On Demand
  • Attend special members networking events, screenings and mixers
  • A member profile on PhillyCAM’s website
  • Receive information about media-related opportunities through our monthly Members e-News
  • Participate at the leadership level as a board or committee member
  • Vote in PhillyCAM’s annual board of directors' election
  • Become a Volunteer

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Organizational Membership

If you are interested in joining as an organization, please make sure this is the right category for you. Organizational memberships are only designated for non-profits, community groups, collectives, and educational institutions. These types of groups may become members by submitting proof of non-profit status or a documented history of working collectively to serve the community.

Organizational memberships are not suited for commercial enterprises, start-up companies, and independent contractors who offer media services for pay

Should you need further assistance clarifying which membership category is best for you, please speak with the our Media Center Manager, Onika Carrine before joining.

Organization Membership ($40 - $275)

Sliding scale based on the annual operating budget

Benefits include:
 All the benefits of Individual Membership -plus-

  • Delegate five members who can access Associate Member benefits on behalf of your organization. All media center activity, resources, and reservations must contribute to programming for the member organization. Each Associate Member must complete PhillyCAM’s three-step orientation process to be eligible for class registration and reservations. Associates are encouraged to participate in all membership benefits from communications to special events. (Value of $150)
  • Submit non-commercial information for PhillyCAM’s electronic bulletin board which runs in the Commons and also in between programs. Content must be in proper format according to the guidelines outlined by PhillyCAM’s Programming Director. (Advertising value of approximately $500/month)
  • Produce a radio PSA (up to 60 seconds) to air indefinitely as part of our PSA rotation* on WPPM 106.5 FM. (Value $200) *Orgs who participate in WPPM annual PSA Drive receive a complimentary PSA.
  • Partner with PhillyCAM to promote and host community events with our diverse membership representing all Philadelphia zip codes and the surrounding region.
  • Receive 2 voting ballots for PhillyCAM’s Annual Board Election.

    Choose One Complementary Production Service Per Year -
  • Request production support for a short PSA for use on social media and PhillyCAM channels. (Value of up to $1,300).
  • Represent your organization in PhillyCAM programs addressing current events, local campaigns, and social impact initiatives.
  • Recieve Production support from PhillyCAM for an annual limited number of hours to stream live video from your special events, produce and edit short videos for online social media, and tape community forums in our Television Studio.
  • Receive up to two hours of consultation about your project with PhillyCAM staff consultants. Can be used in a single session or combined through multiple sessions. (Value of $200)
  • Reserve PhillyCAM’s Community Room for production related activities and meetings. (Value of up to $200/hr)

Non-profit organizations and community groups can pay for membership by invoice. Non-profit organizations or community groups may be asked to submit proof of non-profit status or a history of working collectively.

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In addition to membership, you must attend a Member Orientation before you can register for classes or submit a program to our channel, PhillyCAM TV.


Education Membership ($250)

An Educational Membership is suitable for schools and educational programs where training and educational production support are the main focus of the membership goals.  

(flat fee)

Benefits include:
All the benefits of Individual Membership -plus-

  • Designate up to 5 Associate Members to have active memberships and be able to take workshops, receive equipment certification and book the production facilities and meeting space for programs produced by the organization.
  • All students actively affiliated with the Educational Member org will receive free student memberships
  • Create announcements for the Electronic Bulletin Board
  • 10 hours of custom designed project based instruction, which can be provided remotely, at PhillyCAM or on site.
  • Hire PhillyCAM and receive discounted production services to document and stream live video from special events, produce and edit short videos for online social media, create in-studio community forums, etc.

For more information about the membership contact Education Director, Laura Deutch.

Youth Membership (No Fee)

To support and embrace youth voices we created PhillyCAM’s Youth Program. Our students learn to access, analyze, create and share digital media content with thoughtfulness and social responsibility. Youth Membership is open to youth between ages 14 -21. Membership must be approved by a parent or guardian.

PhillyCAM offers workshops, independent study and opportunities for advanced training throughout the year.

For more information about the program or how to apply contact Youth Media Manager, Ariel Taylor.

Other Ways to Join

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our facility is now open for appointments only on Tuesdays, and Saturdays. You can pay in-person by check or money order.

Mail your membership check or money order to:
P.O. Box 43776
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Renewing Your Membership

Selecting the appropriate renew button will redirect to a login prompt for PhillyCAM's member management site. Please input your username and password to access your account. If this is the first time renewing your membership since April 2021, you may need to create a new password.

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If you have questions or need help renewing your membership, email Media Center Manager Onika Carrine for assistance

Renewing Organization Member, if you are not your organization's primary contact, email Onika Carrine for assistance renewing your membership.