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Hire PhillyCAM to produce and distribute your high quality, non-commercial, community-oriented media projects. Our community of contracted video and audio producers are ready to provide the technical support your need.

Production Services Intake Form

Production Services at PhillyCAM

There are 3 ways to request Production Services at PhillyCAM.

  1. As an Organizational Member Benefit -- PhillyCAM offers up to 10 hours of production support toward content creation for the channel. 
  2. Work for Hire -- PhillyCAM offers a range of full production services from event coverage to short and long form video projects. 
  3. Media Partnership -- PhillyCAM partners with organizations to provide media support for events in exchange for Media Sponsorship.

Please note that we require a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of your event/production date.

To get started please complete the Production Services Intake Form below.