PhillyCAM is a community media center that brings together the people of Philadelphia to make and share media that promotes creative expression, democratic values, and civic participation.



PhillyCAM will become...

  1. More than a television station – a vibrant community center that connects, meets unique interests and needs and teaches people to become creators, not just consumers, of high-quality media.
  2. A leading advocate for discussing issues absent from public dialogue in greater detail and without bias.
  3. An organization that is indispensable to the local community, educational, and government institutions.
  4. Philadelphians’ resource for building digital literacy skills.



PhillyCAM, a community media center, values…

  • Access for All – a commitment to policies that serve the public interest and ensure an equitable and accessible media system to all people on all platforms (e.g., cable TV, Internet, mobile).
  • Collaboration – people and groups working together for common goals and powerful results.
  • Discovery – the act of people, in safe places, seeing beyond themselves, and viewing the world in new ways.
  • Learning – the individual and community transformation, creativity, and innovation resulting from new information and new experiences.
  • Local Focus – telling stories about, by, and for Philadelphians.
  • Quality – state-of-the-art technology and high-level technical standards for on-air programs, media creation, educational experiences, and administrative practices.
  • Stewardship – practices that support a fiscally strong organization.