PhillyCAM provides transformative opportunities for people and communities to express themselves, to learn from each other, and to produce and share media reflective of the experiences of everyday people.


 We envision an equitable society in which media reflects and represents our communities, builds community power, and enables all people to access media tools to critically analyze media and participate in media creation.


Belief statements must be proven through conduct. The Board and Staff offer the following values with humility and the invitation for others to hold us accountable through dialogue and active participation in the PhillyCAM community.

We believe:

  • ● All people have a right to equal access to media tools, knowledge, and broadcast platforms.

  • Collaboration produces compelling results when people build trust and relationships and work toward common goals.

  • Literacy equips people to be in control of their interpretation of media messages and increases their awareness of the potential for media to spark change.

  • ● Informed and intentional representation enables those currently underrepresented or misrepresented to see themselves embodied in media.

  • ● Fighting for Social Justice means disrupting the dominant structures that limit the range of voices and dispelling the narratives perpetuating preconceived notions and misinformation.