Equipment and Faclities List

Tech Lounge

PhillyCAM's Tech Lounge is a space reserved for Phillycam's Youth Media programs. 

Picture of Community Room Community Room

PhillyCAM's Community Room may be used by members to hold interviews, meetings, casting calls, small screenings, even small shoots.


Media Lab

PhillyCAM's Media Lab contains 9 Mac computers for members to research, edit, encode, and submit projects for PhillyCAM's content channel.

Express Studio

The Express Studio is a small 12' x 13' studio with the 2 Sony BRC-Z330 HD Robotic Camera. This all-in-one studio is perfect for small crews and pro

Green Room

The Green Room is a small 108 Sq. Ft., space with two desks, two mirrors, one mini refrigerator, and a private restroom.

Control Room

The Control Room gives TV Studio certified members full studio control of their productions inside the Main Studio.

Main Studio

This 33' x 28' studio is perfect for a large scale production, such as a cooking show, talk show with a studio audience, or

Full Light Kit

The Full Light Kit give you 4 different lights for a variety of lighting set-ups. A 500w Rifa ex55 collapsible softlight, 500w focusable Omni-light, a 250w focusable Pro-light, &am

Rode Boom Kit

The Rode Boom Mic kit is essential to recording on location audio during a video production.

Shure SM57 Microphones

The Shure SM57 microphone is exceptional for musical instrument pickup and vocals.

Sennheiser Handheld Mic

This dynamic cardioid microphone designed for speech and vocals, produces a solid sound that projects well and cuts through high volumes on stage.

Studio Wired Lavalier Microphones

The Studio Wired lavaliers are miniature omni-directional electret-condenser microphones ideally suited for television broadcasting.

Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Microphones

This Wireless Microphone Kit offers a great amount of flexibility for portable recording indoors or outdoors.

Canon Vixia Camcorder

Canon's Vixia camera is a HD camcorder with 16-32 GB of internal memory.

Tascam Audio Recorder

The Tascam's DR-40 is a 4-Track Handheld Digital Audio Recorder. The recorder features built-in adjustable condenser microphones as well as two XLR or 1/4 inputs. 

Zoom Audio Recorder

The H5 Handy from Zoom is a compact, portable handheld digital recorder that is capable of four-track recording and features an interchangeable, modular microphone system.


This Sony NXCAM HXR-NX5U camcorder is the first product of the NXCAM generation from Sony. Utilizing the revolutionary AVCHD format, this camcorder offers long duration recording – with d