Submit a TV Program


How Do I Get My TV Show On PhillyCAM?

PhillyCAM accepts all types of non-commercial TV programs produced by members: Talk Shows, Documentaries, News Programs, Animated Short Films, Arts and Culture Events, Educational and Youth Produced Work, etc.

After becoming a member, attending an info session, and an Intro to Community Media Workshop for TV orientation a member can submit one TV series (scheduled in half-hour slots) or any number of individual videos of any genre and various lengths, as the schedule allows.

Locally produced programming is PhillyCAM’s first priority but a member can sponsor a program from outside the area with written permission from the producer.

Delivery and Scheduling Procedures

  • A program completed in the acceptable format can be digitally delivered with a submission form to PhillyCAM after creating a project/episode page in the member producer hub as instructed in orientation.
  • When the form and the video are submitted, a timeslot can be scheduled with the Programming Director.
  • Programs are scheduled on a monthly basis.
  • Videos submitted at the beginning of the month can be scheduled to start showing at the beginning of the following month.

Accepted Formats for Program Submission 

  • An HD video file (1920 x 1080) that is 29.97 fps is best. Must be less than 20mbps data rate & under 10 GB filesize (.mp4, .m4v or .mov)

Contact Programming Director regarding video format and delivery options. 

For more details on submitting a program please see the Program Delivery Instructions.

If you have any questions regarding our submission process contact Programming Director, Debbie Rudman at