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Programming FAQs

Programming Facts

PhillyCAM accepts all types of non-commercial TV programs produced by members: Talk Shows, Documentaries, News Programs, Animated Short Films, Arts and Culture Events, Educational and Youth Produced Work, etc.

After becoming a member, attending an info session & an Intro to Community Media Workshop for TV orientation a member can submit one TV series (scheduled in half hour slots) or any number of individual videos of any genre and various lengths, as the schedule allows. Locally produced programming is PhillyCAM’s first priority but a member can sponsor a program from outside the area with written permission from the producer.

Visit our Submit A Program page for more information

Shows can be submitted in H264 format (see settings in documents section of website). Shows can also be submitted on dvd that plays upon insertion with no chapters, menu, color bars or countdown, and no black at the beginning or end. Contact for delivery options.  

To submit a video for PhillyCAM’s website “on demand,” it must air on the channel first, be locally produced, suitable for all ages & 100% original content.  

Members may request that PhillyCAM host (VOD) via email request to after a program has aired on TV. 

To a limited degree, programs from out of the area can be "sponsored" by Philadelphia residents with the permission of the producer.  A resident who becomes a PhillyCAM member and wishes to sponsor a program can submit it on dvd along with the submission form and a letter of permission from the producer.

Producers or program sponsors are encouraged to consult PhillyCAM staff for guidance in preparing short promotional spots or utilizing other avenues for publicizing their program such as social networking.

PhillyCAM staff schedule each program in a time slot that is appropriate for its content and likely audience. In the interest of ensuring diversity of programming and equitable distribution of channel time, submissions from a single program provider shall not include more than one non-local Series.

A series consists of at least four new programs with a consistent theme and/or format. A series timeslot can be either  half an hour or if necessary, an hour. To meet the requirements of series programming, at least one new episode per month must be submitted. New episodes must be submitted at least a week prior to the cablecast date. Series time slots are renewed periodically.

First priority is given to programs produced by PhillyCAM Members. Second priority is given to Member sponsored programs produced in the Philadelphia area. Third priority is given to non-local programs sponsored by members.

PhillyCAM staff will attempt to accommodate all requests and will not exclude any Philadelphia resident from showing a program on the community channels. Program providers will be notified of their timeslots the first time the program is broadcast on PhillyCAM. PhillyCAM reserves the right to pre-empt all programs for live or special event coverage. 


All programs shown on PhillyCAM must be non-commercial. No call to action to purchase goods or services is permitted. Members may not require compensation from individuals in exchange for appearing on a public access channel. Furthermore, channel time may not be bartered or sold. 


Programs may contain credit for individuals, businesses or other organizations that have contributed goods, services or funding used in the program production. Credits may not contain any advertising information. The following guidelines apply to all credits for contributors:

  • Individual credits for such contributions are limited to fifteen seconds.
  • Total credits for all contributions are limited to sixty seconds.
  • Credit must appear at either the beginning or preferably at the end of the program.
  • Credit may be oral, visual or both.
  • Credit may include a logo.
  • Credit may include a name, address, and phone number.
  • Credit may include a phrase describing the business of the contributor and the nature of the contribution.
  • Credit may not contain any qualitative or promotional information. 





Contact information cannot be displayed throughout an entire program. Only noncommercial websites, phone and email can be shown occasionally within a program. Commercial contact information can only be displayed as a credit for contribution of goods and services. 

All appearance, location, music and materials rights and clearances are the responsibility of the producer. (sample forms are available.)  All Members must agree to abide by all PhillyCAM policies regarding program ownership & distribution. 

Licensing is encouraged. Find out more at: