How will my program be scheduled?

PhillyCAM staff schedule each program in a time slot that is appropriate for its content and likely audience. In the interest of ensuring diversity of programming and equitable distribution of channel time, submissions from a single program provider shall not include more than one non-local Series.

A series consists of at least four new programs with a consistent theme and/or format. A series timeslot can be either  half an hour or if necessary, an hour. To meet the requirements of series programming, at least one new episode per month must be submitted. New episodes must be submitted at least a week prior to the cablecast date. Series time slots are renewed periodically.

First priority is given to programs produced by PhillyCAM Members. Second priority is given to Member sponsored programs produced in the Philadelphia area. Third priority is given to non-local programs sponsored by members.

PhillyCAM staff will attempt to accommodate all requests and will not exclude any Philadelphia resident from showing a program on the community channels. Program providers will be notified of their timeslots the first time the program is broadcast on PhillyCAM. PhillyCAM reserves the right to pre-empt all programs for live or special event coverage. 


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