August Members of the Month, Jacquelyn Jordan and Jeff Jones



 Community Voice PHL talk show counts it as a great privilege to be recognized as PhillyCAM member of the month for August 2021. We’re also thankful to have PhillyCAM's radio station WPPM FM platform share with our listeners all the great things that people of color are doing in the Tri-State area and across the Nation. Bringing engaging interviews and inspiring news content to the community.

This platform has given voice to several different individuals and organizations that normally would not have been recognized, and now they’re gaining support. We are truly honored to share their voices on our show so that others can be able to hear about their greatness. PhillyCAM has always been at the forefront of ensuring that the community and people are powered with media that really impacts and makes a difference. That is why for us, the team at Community Voice PHL, this platform of PhillyCAM has really been beneficial in so many ways, and we are extremely thankful.

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