March Member of the Month, Carole Adrienne

I'm very happy to have found PhillyCAM, which has been an all-around excellent experience for me including several friendly and professional staff members. My journey began with gracious assistance from Sofie Trippett in creating a membership. I scheduled a consulting appointment with Gabe Castro and took her "Production Planning" class. Debbie Rudman was super helpful in arranging to air my show "Student Docs", which is produced by MLTV. Roland Boyden was so helpful when Facebook failed me! I contacted Sergio Galeano about the availability of Livestream production and am looking forward to interacting with Ariel Taylor and Laura Deutch regarding educational youth content. What a great facility PhillyCAM has--the huge studio and lighting grid and the Green Screen studio are so impressive.

I've had a good time with other members, both in class and on Zoom meetings--it's so nice to find like-minded creative people who also have a serious commitment to community involvement. The positive energy in the building and online is supportive and enthusiastic, and the diversity among everyone is an exciting range of personalities, skills, backgrounds, and outlooks. Thanking everyone at PhillyCAM for welcoming me, educating me, and supporting my work--you guys are inspirational!
Connect with Carole at our next Watercooler Meeting about Documentary Resources on Monday, March 15th!
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