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PhillyCAM remains committed to providing transformative opportunities for people to express themselves, learn from each other, and produce and share media that reflects the experiences of everyday people.


PhillyCAM provides a platform for community members to amplify stories told from their lived experiences, stories that are often silenced by mainstream media. We hope you will contribute to Philly’s people-powered media, where individuals come to learn and grow together while creating media in a welcoming and supportive space.



In October 2024, we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of our cable channel and community media center. We have grown into a valued community anchor where over 4000 people have learned radio and television production skills and created and aired over 20,000 hours of hyper-local media content across our cable TV channel, WPPM rad hyper-local, and online platforms.

With multiple streaming platform options, cord-cutting is rising, and cable subscriptions are declining. This directly impacts the funding we receive from cable franchise agreements. We need to become more independent and less reliant on these cable grants. Change can be challenging, but it’s also a challenge to grow in new ways. Please consider helping us meet this critical challenge by increasing support from individual donors like you. Let’s continue to build the shared vision of people-powered media."

Please consider contributing to our ongoing campaign to build on our 14 years of work, remaking a media system that is inclusive, reflective of the diversity of all Philadelphians, and free of corporate influence.



You can also mail your donation check or money order to:
P.O. Box 43776
Philadelphia, PA 19106

With tremendous gratitude and appreciation,
Gretjen Clausing,
Executive Director