July Member of the Month, Shirley Carter

Matt Kornfeld wearing glasses on his head standing in front of a statue of a deer


My experiences with PhillyCAM have been both fun and educational. I came to PhillyCAM, having already worked in the entertainment arena via music and acting in radio, television, and film. Educationally, I was trained in college in education and radio, television, and film( RTF), earning a degree in Early Childhood Education and working in both Education and RTF.

While at PhillyCAM, I created, produced, and hosted a show titled In Search Of Missing Persons, which deals with the process and outcome of missing person cases. I also have worked with the late Trudy Haynes in lining up guests for her show. I have worked with Tony Bennett (The Other Tony Bennett Presents) show. Both of these endeavors have been very informative in the art of TV production. I have worked and gotten support from Gabe Castro, Debbie Rudman, Rhonda Phifer, Mary Szymanski, and many more members.

Most recently, I worked as a script consultant for independent films. I own a business, SJ Carter Media LLC, and am a member of ASCAP and WakeUp Rise Up with Doug Payne with the Missing Persons Stage. I have also been a newspaper reporter and member of the Philadelphia Press.

I appreciate being the July member of the month.