Nicole Duprée, December Member of the Month

 "I'm an artist, educator, and producer of Indigo in Green, an experimental art and craft show. I'm passionate about designing learning experiences that invite creativity, curiosity, experimentation, healing, and connection with self, community, and the environment. Producing Indigo in Green has been a dream! How it started: a small challenge in Production Planning, imagining and mapping out what a nature-based art variety show could be. How it's going: it's been profoundly transformative for my creative and professional life. I LOVE IT! It is an opportunity to tell the story of people and places that make my life full of awe and purpose. I am grateful to PhillyCAM for the support, encouragement, resources, and community that make this work possible.  

As a member of PhillyCAM for the past year and a half, I've gained valuable insights from production planning and community media workshops, as well as from other members. I'm honored to be able to call myself a part of this special place, and I hope to connect with more of the PhillyCAM fam in 2024. 

With that, I close with an invitation: As I embark on the unwritten chapters of Indigo in Green (exploring topics like connection, home, indigo, visible mending, and/or visual journals), I'd love to feature more segments and projects created by and created with you. If any of that sounds exciting to you too, come say hi to me at the next member mixer and let's go on the journey together."

  Watch the episode Invado below.

  You can watch more episodes from Nicole's series Indigo in Green by visiting her show page.