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Creative Expression

 Innovation Award for TV

Talking the Walk

Zarinah Lomax

A transparent forum for Christians to share their stories, talents and gifts to win souls for Christ.

Innovation Award for Radio

Atrévete Radio Special

Elizabeth Estrada

One-hour radio special of Atrévete sharing stories in both English and Spanish, serving multiples communities and expressing the nuances of what it means to be bilingual and multicultural in Philadelphia and in America. This bilingual special explores social commentary, art, and healing through multiple perspectives and voices.


Presence Award for TV

The Trudy Haynes Show

Trudy Haynes

Both entertaining and educational, this is a weekly variety reporting show emphasizing information for healthy, empowered living.

Expression Award for Radio

Micheaux Mission

Vince Williams

An in depth examination of African-American feature films, an art genre that is often overlooked.

Excellence in Production for TV

Optical Toys, Episode: "The Outsiders"

Lowell Boston

A collection of six animated and live-action films about the plight and lives of people and their circumstances outside society's status quo.

Excellence in Curation for Radio

Jazz From An Eclectic Mind

H. Alonzo Jennings

A curated exploration of jazz collected and presented through historical, chronological, and personal storytelling.

Civic Engagement (TV and Radio)


Community Responder Award

Youth Powered Media Vol. 12

Youth Participants: Devontay Crawford, Khandace Mitchell, Cindy Pham, Nicole Rouse & Torey Smith

PhillyCAM youth media members cover The March for our Lives student walkout, an historic event for the youth-aged generation bringing attention to gun violence in schools.


Connector Award


Rhonda Gibson-Phifer (TV) 

A community talk show offering those feeling unheard a voice responding to current events.

Democratic Values (TV and Radio)



Gift Horses

David Block (TV)

This documentary shows how learning to care for and ride horses will improve one's quality of life, through physical and emotional therapy.

Message Award

Sunday Evenings, Segment: "Cell Phone Tracking and Your Privacy"

Lisa Barnes (Radio)

News program exploring cell phone privacy tips, tracking and its legalities by examining how and why companies and the authorities are able to access this information.


Collaboration Award

Black SciFi TV

Maurice Waters and Lisa Barnes

Black Sci-Fi TV planned and documented the first ever collaboration of the best in Black Geekdom. With over 1,000 people in attendance, this all-day celebratory event was emceed by BlackSci-FI TV correspondents and featured a cosplay parade, presentations, Black Panther film screening, and panel discussion.


Delmer Gill

The Vijay Mohan Spirit Award, selected by the staff in memory of PhillyCAM staff member Vijay Mohan who was tragically killed in a bicycle accident in 2015, was given to Delmer Gill also know as Chef Trek.

Delmer developed his media skills under the guidance of Vijay Mohan and featured him as a special guest on his PhillyCAM television program Chef Trek Adventure Series. The program’s theme is is Fun, Food, Faith and Family. Chef Trek cooks cuisines using herbs and spices that can be bought at most neighborhood groceries and markets, and teaches in his show that cooking can be a fun and exciting experience every time.