February Member of the Month, Jeff Abramowitz


In May 2018 the very first Looking Forward Radio Show was taped and PhillyCAM became an integral part of my life’s mission to educate and inspire others touched by our criminal justice systems. I never expected that over two years later our radio show would have touched so many people sharing success stories of returning citizens, insights from legislators in our local, state, and even our federal government, and community members passionate about helping others.

The PhillyCAM family has guided us, supported me, and provided a wealth of encouragement as my journey from lawyer to returning citizen to Executive Director of Reentry Services at JEVS, and now passionate radio show host at PhillyCAM. I cannot possibly thank the PhillyCAM staff and the Looking Forward Team, including my co-host, Nate Sallard, for helping to make this project a success.

While we have tapped a few shows during the pandemic, requests from our friends have compelled us to get moving in 2021. Looking Forward Radio has begun taping in the Streamyard platform and recently applied for a television slot at PhillyCAM so that we can continue to bring the issues of racial, social, and equitable justice to the forefront.


Looking Forward Reentry Radio, Wednesdays 5 pm