November Member of the Month, Gralin Hughes Jr.

Gralin Hughes, November 2021 Member of the Month



"I'm so honored to be named PhillyCAM Member of the Month! 

I am an educator of fifteen years and an experimental media artist. I was first introduced to PhillyCAM by Debbie Rudman while collaborating on a project nine years ago, and  I've been teaching the Intro to Editing workshops here ever since. 

I've had the opportunity to meet so many talented and creative people throughout all my classes. What I love the most about teaching at PhillyCAM is meeting members with little to no prior knowledge of video editing but watching their skills and confidence evolve beyond the class into amazing new shows and projects. 

PhillyCAM is such a special place of community, and I'm grateful for all of the friendships and connections I've made over the years. I feel thankful to be a part of the family here.