October Member of the Month, Antoine Haywood

Antoine Haywood in PhillyCAM Commons


I’m so grateful to be honored as a PhillyCAM Member of the Month! Thanks to my time at PhillyCAM as a staff member and volunteer producer, I truly understand what community media as community care means. PhillyCAM is a special place and community. It’s filled with genuine people who care deeply about their place in the world and how they can communicate to affect change. At PhillyCAM, I have learned that care is sharing joy, knowledge, and affirmation. It is also telling our authentic stories while we embrace each other in moments of sorrow and jubilation.


PhillyCAM is a catalyst for change, and I will always be a proud member of this incredible community. I’m grateful for all the beautiful relationships I have developed with producers, interns, volunteers, community partners, and staff members over the years. And I sincerely appreciate the hard work that everyone contributes to nurturing the growth of our exceptional PhillyCAM community.


I look forward to many more years of dancing, laughing, cheering, and dreaming with our PhillyCAM community.