2023 Collaborative Filmmaking Challenge

Last year, a team of PhillyCAM members worked together to create a short film in only 4 days as part of our People Power Media Fest. This year's Collaborative Filmmaking Challenge is going to be a blast! Now with 6 days to work with, experienced and new PCAM members will join teams to create a short film.

group photo of 2022 Collaborative Filmmaking Challenge participants
filming a scene for the 2022 Collaborative Filmmaking Challenge

This year's Challenge will take place from August 9th - 15th. All experience levels and interests are welcome! The challenge is broken up into 3 parts (Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production). Depending on what you are interested in doing, you need only attend the days focused on that stage of production. You are absolutely allowed to attend the entirety of the event but we understand this is a lengthy adventure. We appreciate any time you can dedicate to the challenge.

The part we do ask that all participants attend is the kick-off event on Wednesday, August 9th (6-8 PM). This will be when folx team up and get the overall plan for the films. You'll be picking a genre, deciding roles, and learning about the other required elements. 

Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating so that I can get an idea of everyone's experience and interests. 

Here is a breakdown of the challenge schedule:

  • Pre-Production: Weds, August 9th (Kick-off and brainstorm) and Thurs, August 10th (Scriptwriting and planning - finding talent, props, and developing a filming plan).
  • Production: Fri, August 11th (Filming in the studios. We'll have access to all the spaces at PhillyCAM to film) and Sat, August 12th (We have access to studios after 3 PM but highly encourage on-location filming this day). 
  • Post-Production: Mon, August 14th and Tues, August 15th (editing in our media lab!). Films should be finished by 8 PM on Tuesday.

The films will premiere at an event during the People Power Media Fest in October! I look forward to seeing everyone there and seeing what phenomenal films you all create.


Check out last year's phenomenal film, Sublime (made in only four days) below!