Annual Member Meeting Recap - 2022

Thanks to all who attended this year's Annual Member Meeting on Thursday, March 24. It’s always a pleasure to reflect together on the past year and celebrate member accomplishments along with other PhillyCAM milestones.

Last year was full of triumphs and challenges, but our community innovated and set new trends for what people powered media could do. For a review of 2021 at PhillyCAM, check out the Annual Member Report 2021-22 PDF designed by Gabe Castro and our Year In Review put together by Sergio Galeano.

It was good seeing everyone. And soon it will be easier to see you in person as we annouced expanded facility hours.  Watch the meeting here to see what you missed. 

Here are highlighted sections by time:

  • Gretjen Clausing, Executive Director Welcome - 00:00
  • Ernest Owens, Board Chair Welcome - 04:27
  • 2022 Board Candidate Videos - 7:18
  • Ryan Saunders, Tech and Re-Opening Updates - 13:05
  • Elizabeth Estrada, Board Member, introduces upcoming member survey - 22:05
  • In Memoriam, Ray Naylor and Salima Hakeem Muhammed - 30:50
  • Members, help us select PPM Fest 2022 theme - 31:19
  • Meet Communications Manager Elìas Gonzalez - 33:56
  • Laura Deutch, Workshop Updates  - 35:29
  • Closing Remarks - 38:23


PhillyCAM New April Reopening Days/Hours - Starts April 1

2022 Annual Member Report  - A Year of Virtual Community Media & The Transition Back In Person.

View Annual Report 2021-22 PDF