Free Automatic Captioning!

  • Jeff Bethea
  • |
  • APRIL 16, 2020

Hey PCAM Fam!

In this "Information Age", most of us want or have access to consuming as much content as humanly possible. Whether it's how to make wood-burned art or checking in on that Russian family with the pet puma, we find ourselves swaddled in copious media every day.


However, not all of us are able to experience this information the same way given our cultural, anatomical, or physiological differences. As media-makers, the responsibility is ours to ensure our work reaches as many people as possible. This video tutorial is not a cure-all by no means, but it is at least a step closer toward creating more accessible, inclusive content for our audiences. And DIY for free!


Disclaimer: This video assumes basic knowledge of OBS which we recommend our members check out if they have not already. We will be posting an OBS Overview video soon but, in the meantime, I highly recommend checking out this free "OBS Studio Masterclass" here.




FYI: I make mention of SRT files in the video. This is SubRip Subtitle format which can be interpreted by your audio or video editing application when adding captions.


My other favorite, low-cost DIY captioning/transcription tools out there are Otter and Descript.


Descript, in addition to automated captioning, also gives you a "White Glove" option to have your content captioned by humans, if you prefer.


If you have questions about the particulars of using a setup like this, message us at