Laurel and Andrew Hoffman, July Members of the Month

My mother and I are perpetually immersed in our own creative pursuits. Creating Fashion with Laurel started when our interests overlapped. Thinking I was going to pursue animation, I'd taken a course at PhillyCAM on audio recording. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for the video editing workshop and fell completely in love with editing video. Realizing I'd need my own material to edit, I took the field production course and started following my artist buddies around with my camera.

Then the pandemic hit and I got stuck. Like many videographers at that time, I turned the camera toward my family. My mother was mass-producing masks with local fashion professionals for Philadelphia's medical community and that became our first episode. We make such a great team that we kept on going. We're currently working on our seventeenth episode. Thank you PhillyCAM for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Creating Fashion airs Wednesdays at 9 am on PhillyCAM TV. Catch up on past episodes from the series here.