Monthly Pitch - 5 Producers Looking for Support!

At this year’s Annual Member Meeting, we invited 5 members to pitch their ideas and ask for support. If you missed the event or are looking for ways to connect with those members, here is a helpful recap!

Maurice Waters - Black SciFi TV

Who? Maurice Waters is a TV Producer and lover of all things sci-fi. He has an extensive knowledge of nerd things and is eager to educate others through his love of the genres. He has been producing Black SciFi TV for more than five years.

What? Black SciFi TV is a show devoted to Black science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Waters intention with the show is to educate the community about Blerd (Black nerd) culture and highlight those creatives in this community.

How can you support BSFTV? Waters is looking for a production crew (field and in the studio) as well as someone who knows Streamyard (the virtual studio), and an editor. They do record on location at conventions and so working with them will give you access to certain creators and events. You do not need to have knowledge about science fiction to participate in the show. However, they are also open to finding more co-host opportunities but that position would require some knowledge of Blerd culture. 

If you are interested in participating in Maurice’s program, you can reach out to him via email:

Carter Belmont - A Tale from the Stoop

Who? Carter Belmont is a new radio Producer and a huge fan of spooky things. She has been deep in the pre-production process of her new radio program, A Tale from the Stoop

What? A Tale from the Stoop is an audio drama series created to increase Black and Brown stories that have historically struggled with representation in the sci-fi, horror, and thriller genres. In addition, developing this series explores radio’s capacity as a creative and immersive medium for storytelling. The name is a play on Tales From the Hood and Tales from the Crypt. A Tale from the Stoop has the potential to showcase diverse horror stories that, not only entertain the larger community of listeners but also encourages audience members into personal introspection and self-reflection of the story’s message.

How can you support TftS? Due to scheduling issues, many of her crew and actors are unable to work on the project. So currently, Belmont is seeking support for: (1) An audio recorder/engineer interested in a multi-track voiceover production, (2) Access to Black/Brown voice actor talent, (3) A post-production score/composer, (4) General audio drama production consulting, and (5) Legal aide to support and guide talent contracts and credits.  

If you are interested in participating in Carter’s program, you can reach out to her via email:

Karen Walker - A Diamond in The Ruff

Who? Karen Walker is a long-time member who has worked on many productions building up her skills. In recent years, she’s used her connections from previous productions to build a team of reliable folx including Antoine Haywood and Connie Komm. She is looking for even more support to keep her program, Diamond in The Ruff, going strong. 

What? Diamond In The Ruff is a special TV series of interviews hosted by Karen Walker. It focuses on a myriad of topics to educate, entertain and engage viewers. The production includes segments featuring special guest speakers comprised of art, media, and communication industry professionals, in the company of a live studio audience

How can you support DiTR? Walker is looking to expand her team in the Main Studio as crew, as well as someone to support as a consultant on the program and a reliable editor. 

If you are interested in participating in Karen’s program, you can reach out to her via email:

Who? Randy Roller is a new member who kicked off his PhillyCAM experience by participating in our Collaborative Film Challenge during the People Power Media Fest last year and helped create the short film, Sublime, in only 4 days! He has recently begun producing his own TV programs and is eager to grow his team for Shawn, LaShawn, and Friends.

What? Shawn, LaShawn, and Friends is a TV show that features dynamic hosts Shawn and Lashawn as they interview a wide variety of guests and have a lot of fun along the way. Episodes so far have included a live fashion show in the Main Studio and an interview with a fitness founder. (here is clip from the show).

How can you support SLaF? Roller had connected with many PhillyCAM members through events like the Collaborative Film Challenge. However, many of the talented crew he’s connected with have projects of their own and are no longer as available as they had been for his first episodes. He is looking for crew that can assist in the Main Studio as well as members with field production certifications.

If you are interested in participating in Randy’s program, you can reach out to him via email:

Kamili Feelings - Honey Joe Soul

Who? Kamili Feelings is an established Radio producer who has created several radio plays in the past and is embarking on a new audio journey with the comedic and tantalizing, Honey Joe Soul.

What? Feelings’ intent with Honey Joe Soul, is to merge what we view as good-natured, harmless liberalism— with what I see as a particularly violent, authoritarian, war-hawkishness — that seems to define “liberalism” these days. Using fairly-familiar American thriller, action, comic, and horror tropes from cinema, tv, and music over the last 100 years, I am hoping to make the story both irresistible and off-putting. The intent is to center the radio play around the lives of black characters—enmeshed within a liberal caste system— who work in and outside of an authoritarian, American military-industrial complex.

"The hope is that folks are drawn to the new style of radio play where—using real-life American political and entertainment figures—we are further able to challenge authority — as well as the few folks who do control our collective reality in media and in politics."

How can you support HJS? Feelings is primarily looking for consulting work. He explained that his biggest challenge was, “Having the time to flesh out the story; the work of recording is less urgent as the time to devote to writer’s room decisions and rehearsals.” Feelings is looking for minds who can contribute and advise around the story and technical details. It’s an atypical radio play, so I both need story consultancy and tech advice.

If you are interested in participating in Kamili’s program, you can reach out to him via email:  

If you have a show idea that needs crew support, submit your show for our monthly Pitch Spotlight via this form!