Opera Philadelphia, May Member of the Month

Opera Philadelphia's Veronica Chapman-Smith, Vice President of Community Initiatives Abby Weissman, Assistant Manager of Youth and Community Programs

Opera Philadelphia stands at the forefront of reshaping opera for the contemporary world, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation to captivate 21st-century audiences. With a steadfast commitment to diverse voices, they propel the genre forward, providing a platform for exceptional artists to shine.

Backstage Pass students recently embarked on a site visit to PhillyCAM, to learn about TV and radio production. Select students will undergo training on how to use PhillyCAM’s recording equipment, preparing to serve as videographers for the upcoming T-VOCE performance. This hands-on journey not only imparts practical skills but also fosters collaboration, nurturing students' ability to actively contribute to the dynamic arts community.

Additionally, Opera Philadelphia will showcase the inaugural installment of the Butterfly Conversations series on the PhillyCAM channel, thanks to this platform, expanding the reach of these insightful discussions to a broader audience. Engaging with the PhillyCAM community has been an enriching experience, opening doors to new opportunities and connections in the realm of media and the arts.