PhillyCAM Says Tearful Goodbye to Media Center Manager, Sofie!

  • Staff
  • November, 2022

PhillyCAM is sad to say goodbye to our Media Center Manager, Sonya (Sofie) Trippett. Sonya first joined our community as a member back in 2016. She has been the bright face you see when you first enter our facilities, helping to guide our members through their media-making journey for nearly 5 years. As a member, she hosted and produced her program, Real Talk Investigative News starting in 2018. Her program aimed to teach the public about the various fields of investigation that currently exist in the US and around the world and covered a variety of topics including criminal justice, criminology, psychological disorders, crime prevention, juvenile offenders, and much more.

We have been incredibly lucky to have Sonya as part of our team over this time. Sonya won’t be far and gone forever, she will still be a member and is excited to start her new adventure as the Pre-Apprenticeship Coordinator at Philadelphia Academies Inc. teaching young minds some very important subjects.

We asked Sonya about her favorite stories or memories here at PCAM and she shared, “My favorite story at PhillyCAM, hmmm..a lot has happened since I have been at PhillyCAM but a memorable moment was when KRS One came to do an interview on WPPM and he came to the front desk and I had no clue who he was so I was like Hi… Sign in and he just looked at me like why are you not excited don’t you know who I am. I, of course, looked at him mean as hell and was like “sign in” and he “ok,” signed in, and went upstairs. I still had no clue who he was until Sayyed said Hey did you see KRS One and I was like, “WHAT!!! Oh Damn, My bad.” I will never forget the day I dissed KRS One the hottest rapper of all time.”

When asked what she would miss the most she said, “I am going to miss the staff and members because it was great being and working in the PhillyCAM environment. I remember so many members when they first came to PhillyCAM with only their ideas and not knowing how to implement them. I would have long conversations with them and hear their passion and eagerness to get started. So here I am years later and many of these members have shows that are running actively for more than two or three years. I am so proud of the people who were new coming into PhillyCAM because you stuck it out and made your dreams come true. See I told you that you could do it and you did It!”

We are going to miss you, Sonya but we wish you all the luck in your new endeavor. If you wish to stay in contact with Sofie, she can be reached via email.