Get to know the producers and hosts of your favorite WPPM shows with our new feature, "WPPM Q&A."

Meet DJ JSO, co-host with Isaac Patterson of "The Mic", airing Wednesdays 2–4 pm on WPPM 106.5 FM


1. Can you describe your show in 1 to 2 sentences?

The Mic is a hip-hop culture show designed to amplify the catalyst to hip-hop's four tenents; graffiti, b-boying, DJing, and MCing.  


2. What inspired you to start your show?

We wanted to open a platform to the unheard voices of Philadelphia's hip-hop community and beyond. As well as educate community members on what hip-hop is and what the culture represents.


3. What was one especially memorable episode?

Early on in our career as PhillyCAM producers, we had the pleasure of interviewing music catalyst Mir Fontane, and it's an especially memorable episode because it was the first time we received praise from others tuning in for truly bringing in a quality guest that they enjoyed hearing from.


4. Can you tell us about a favorite guest/interview?

Another fantastic guest we had the pleasure of interviewing on our show "The Mic" was Atlanta artist and record label owner Official DQJ. Who gave amazing insights on developing your music career from the ground up and marketing your music wisely as an independent artist.


5. Shoutout another WPPM program you enjoy hearing!

We want to shout out a few WPPM programs we feel everyone can find value in; The Elevated Mon 8–9 pm, Magz FM, and We Talk Weekly! We love and support you guys 100%.