WPPM Q&A with Toni*J Jones

Get to know the producers and hosts of your favorite WPPM shows with our new feature "WPPM Q&A".

Meet Toni*J Jones of "7 Figure Hustle", airing Tuesdays 8-9pm on WPPM 106.5 FM and Sundays 5-6pm on PhillyCAM TV


1. Can you describe your show in 1 to 2 sentences?

The 7 Figure Hustle is a show about building your financial house, personal and business.

We share stories, interviews and resources to educate and increase our audience’s understanding of finance.


2. What inspired you to start your show?

The inspiration came from my own personal experiences dealing with finances, initially lacking understanding of how it works and getting in debt - and later, educating myself and improving my finances. 


3. What was one especially memorable episode?

My first episode was memorable because I chose to begin by introducing all the parts of life’s finances step-by-step - the foundation of financial education.  


4. Can you tell us about a favorite guest/interview?

One of my favorite interviews was discussing wealth building with Don Ballai, Lori Scott and Louis Fevrin. We had a great conversation about protecting what you have with the right insurance and the right financial documents. This brought us to explain documents like a will, trust, as well as a financial and health power of attorney.   


5. Shoutout another WPPM program you enjoy hearing!

Shout out to Democracy Now!, weekdays 8am-9am!