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How can I use the community bulletin board?


PhillyCAM operates an electronic Community Bulletin Board, which is shown on the channels when no other video programming is scheduled. Organizational Member Events are listed as space allows and are generally shown for one week, prior to the posted event. PhillyCAM gives priority to Philadelphia - related notices, but there is no guarantee that every notice submitted will be shown. Notices sponsored by political campaigns or candidates are not permitted.

All other programming restrictions apply to the Community Bulletin Board such as our non-commercial policy. Event announcements or organizational info can be submitted as a Powerpoint slide or 800 X 600 JPEG image.

The text needs to be large enough to read on TV & avoid using the color red. Including a picture in the layout attracts attention. The jpeg must be titled with organization name and date of the event. A jpeg can be emailed to 

Bulletin Board Specifications