Purgatory by Nick Lanciano

Short narrative by Nick Lanciano
Meet Julianna, a young woman on a path to her ultimate destruction, who finds out too late that the choices one makes in life can have a lasting, perhaps everlasting, impact.

Julianna wakes in an unknown place, her purgatory, and faces battles against creatures from the dark side, more than ready to take her very soul to the depths of whence they came. Then when all seemed lost, she meets Raphael, a spirited warrior, who befriends her, protects her, heals her, and becomes her spiritual mentor. Raphael helps Julianna to see how the selfish and destructive choices we make in life follow us throughout our journey on earth and beyond.

It is only after Julianna realizes the inner strength she indeed has always possessed, and puts her own eternity on the very line to save another, her guardian Raphael, does she truly learn through this selfless act, what love really is...and how through love one can be forgiven and sometimes, even earn a second chance.
Saturdays in July at 9:30pm